Jillian Matthies

Jillian Matthies is a fourth year Health Sciences student at the University of Western Ontario. Jill is from Leamington, Ontario, a small town whose only nearby markers are Windsor or Detroit. Jill is an avid nail polish enthusiast, a self-proclaimed existentialist, and a great sport for allowing me to write this piece on her.

What's your favourite Book?"Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov."

Relationship Status?"Single."

If you were a font, which one would you be?"Comic Sans, obviously." (author’s note: Jillian was kidding, no one chooses that willingly)

Your favourite activities?"Watching Ryan Gosling movies, drinking milk and playing Trivia Crack."

What's your favourite food to spend too much money on?"Pizza."

Your current favourite song?"Charli XCX’s cover of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. Or I’m A Ruin by Marina and the Diamonds."

What's your favourite too expensive drink to buy at the bar?"Whiskey sour."

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?"Crunchy obviously."

James Franco or Dave Franco? "James Franco! Dave is clearly no James."

What's the last thing you tweeted?“I'm convinced no one actually has cheekbones and it's all contouring”