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I’m A 34DD And I Don’t Wear a Bra

Anyone who has worn a bra knows how much they suck. They may be pretty and offer a lot of much-needed support (especially for all my busty-babes out there), but that doesn’t mean they don’t rub, pinch, and dig into your ribcage. Even if the pattern is cute, that doesn’t change the fact that you’ll end up with lines indenting your skin where the wire was. To be honest, the best part about wearing bras is how it feels to take it off at the end of a long day because—at last—your boobs are free.

After contemplating the pains of bras after a majorly long day in a slightly-too-small bra, I wondered why I even wore them in the first place. They were causing me pain, they were way too expensive, and there were myths going around at the time that bras can cut off blood circulation which increases your risk of breast cancer.

The only real reason I could come up for why I wore them with was that I needed the support. I’m a 34DD, so going braless didn’t exactly sound like a feasible thing. Also, I felt like my boobs sort of hung low without a bra because they were so heavy, and bras offered me that physical boob support and mental assurance that my boobs looked how they were meant to.

Support sounded like a good enough reason to wear bras, but after reading a Buzzfeed article about someone who had a larger chest than I did going braless and loving it, I decided to give it a go for a week.

The beginning was awful.

Put very simply, I was really uncomfortable because my boobs moved when I walked and it felt like everyone was always thinking, “wow, is she seriously not wearing a bra?” or, “her boobs are a weird shape.” Obviously, no one even noticed that I wasn’t wearing a bra, and they were surprised if I mentioned that I wasn’t.

The more the week went on, the more I started to enjoy it. My chest muscles were getting stronger, and now they support my boobs on their own. I wasn’t constantly fussing with my bra straps or readjusting the band, but just went on with my day. When I needed to look a little more professional (i.e. work) and depending on the fabric I was wearing (I don’t want my nipples on display), sometimes I would put on a wireless bralette which is really just like a mini, cosy undershirt. It’s safe to say that I kept going braless after the week was up; it has been about nine months now.

Within a couple weeks of no longer wearing bras, I realized something. I actually loved my body. I stopped worrying about my boobs not being the “perfect shape” and started appreciating them for the way they are. It was weird for me at first—and honestly still is—because I have never had a good relationship to my body. I have always wanted to slip out of my skin and go somewhere else, but now my body is starting to feel like home. Even more, it feels like a home that I want.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the part where I say that everyone should go braless. It is definitely not for everyone, and there are drawbacks such as underboob sweat (there is no bra to soak it up) and pointy nipples when it gets chilly (though that probably just means you should put a sweater on because you’re cold). Also, some people really love wearing bras and some people need to be wearing one to feel confident and like themselves. If you are one of those people: keep wearing your bras! I’m just saying that if you really hate bras but are afraid to try and go without one, it isn’t as hard as you think. You will probably be surprised at how much you love it, and what it will do for your body image. So if fear is all that is holding you back, then champion over it and try going braless for a week; it’s worth it.

Becca Serena wrote for Her Campus Western (Ontario) from 2015-2018. Beginning as a general writer, she made her way to Social Media Manager in 2016 and became a Chapter Advisor of five chapters from January to April of 2017. She serves as Editor-in-Chief and Co-Campus Correspondent for the 2017-2018 term. This venue saw Serena’s passion for writing brave and controversial pieces grow as her dedication to feminism strengthened.
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