I Tried It: GlamGlow Face Masks

We’ve all seen those peel off face masks that claim to pull the gunk out of your face. If you’re as obsessed with beauty bloggers as I am, you’ve seen these and so many other amazing looking face masks. I love trying new face masks, especially ones that have gotten ~*hype*~.

For a long time, I’ve seen the GlamGlow face masks, and cried because they look amazing, but they aren’t cheap. I’ve smelled them at Sephora, and have contemplated buying a jar on more than one occasion. Before my birthday, I finally went in and pulled the trigger. Because I’m indecisive and all the GlamGlow masks smell amazing, I decided to go with the GlamGlow Multimasking set, which is $52 CAD at Sephora, and comes with six different face masks. On the back, there are guides which show you how to use more than one mask at a time to achieve your desired glow.

Supermud: Probably the most popular GlamGlow mask, this mask is supposed to be useful for clearing all skin types. In the Multimasking kit, you receive a larger tube of the Supermud. So far, I’ve liked the Supermud quite a bit, and have used it often as a spot treatment. It doesn’t make my skin glow like the sun, which is honestly what I expected from the GlamGlow brand.

Youthmud: The lady at Sephora told me that this is what celebrity makeup artists use on them when they’re about to go on the red carpet. This mask gave me a nice glow, and I used it before a night out, and then applied makeup. My skin was nice and soft, and I felt like a star. The effects of the mask weren’t permanent or even long lasting.

Gravitymud: This silver peel-off mask is a popular blogger favorite, and is often seen on Jeffree Star’s snapchat. It smells delicious, with a sweet grape smell, and claims to have a firming effect. It looks cool on your face, but it didn’t really seem like it made a huge difference. I guess I’m also young and don’t really need a lot of firming action on my face.

Thirstymud: This hydrating mask can be used as a mask, and washed off after application, or used as a moisturizer. It isn’t cheap, so obviously I’ve been using it as a moisturizer. It feels so nice on my skin, especially after using one of the other masks! I really enjoy this as a moisturizer, and since I’ve been using it, I haven’t had any dry skin.

Flashmud: This brightening mask has a thin exfoliant, and smells like oranges, but in a subtle way. I don’t think it made a huge difference in the brightness of my face, but it was a nice exfoliant.

Powermud: This mask claims to detoxify the skin. I love feeling like my mask is actually doing something, so I thought this one would be my favorite. Honestly, it didn’t do anything to my skin. This was my least favorite mask by far.

Now that I’ve tried all the GlamGlow masks, I know which ones I would and wouldn’t get again. While these masks have had a lot of hype, I think that my tried and true, Lush Brazened Honey, is what I’ll be sticking with.


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