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I Finally Found The Hairdresser Who Will Listen To Me

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

My hair is my most prized possession. Not in the way that I like to grow it out, but in a way that I feel comfortable showing it off. So, I’ve had several different hairstyles over the years, both short and long. I’ve also sported my hair in many different colors, my favourite being shades of blue.

          My blue hair from 2017 (Picture provided by the author).

But my absolute favourite hairstyles are the ones with short hair. I have really thick hair and it becomes increasingly difficult to manage as it grows longer. Pair that with my habit of procrastinating, and you will understand my love for short hair.

This is why I am always excited about getting a haircut. A good haircut makes me feel all bouncy and happy and, well, like me. I love feeling that way (honestly though, who doesn’t?). But, the downside of getting a haircut with my hair is that hairdressers are afraid to cut it.

My hair has so many layers that the hairdresser gets lost in such a labyrinth. All my life, I’ve heard the same question from every hairdresser: “Are you sure you want it that short?” Some have even refused to cut it down to the length that I wanted, leaving me unsatisfied with the service simply because they didn’t trust or respect my desires.

I know you feel my pain, because almost all of us have been through this ordeal where our hair was either cut too short or not short enough, or the style suggested by the hairdresser didn’t suit us, but we still had to stick to it until the hair grew back, with one thought running through our minds the whole time: “What a waste of money and good hair!”

          My hair before my latest salon appointment (Picture provided by the author).

Fortunately, my latest hairdresser from Salon Entrenous vibed with my hair almost instantly. I’m someone who loves to be spontaneous. I booked my latest hair appointment while sitting in class and a voice inside me whispered: “Haircut!” And when the inside voice says something, you gotta do it. So, I opened their homepage and booked an appointment for the very next day. As a habit, I don’t generally research hairstyles right before my hair appointment, but I do pull out a couple of hairstyles from my bucket list and decide a basic guide from them. Later on, I tell the hairdresser how short I want my hair and what style I’m looking for, but give them the freedom to change the style to better fit my desired length. Following this same routine, I went to the salon with cautious excitement, praying and hoping for a solid haircut. 

Spoiler alert: My prayers were heard!

This is the salon that I have been going to since I started university, and I’m really glad that I stuck to it. My latest hairdresser has thick hair, just like me, and when I told her that I wanted short hair she replied with a simple “let’s do it.” I was in heaven when I heard those three (and a half) words. It was the first time that someone had ever agreed to cut my hair short without any protest whatsoever. She got right to work after she washed my hair and the complimentary head massage. It was one of the most satisfying hours of my life. This is the best haircut I have had in a long time. I was so happy after the haircut that I was smiling for the next 48 hours.

          My hair now (Picture provided by the author).

Getting a haircut is my favorite bi-annual activity. I don’t know if everyone gets as excited as I do when I go for my hair appointment, but I hope that everyone reading this gets a hairdresser that vibes with them and their hair. I hope they get the perfect haircut on their next visit to the salon because everyone deserves the perfect haircut.

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Shefali Bhatt

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