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In an era in which hookup culture is rampant, sexual gratification is sought in almost every possible realm – and a college atmosphere is filled with endless opportunities. For those of us who choose to indulge in a series of casual sexcapades in our twenties, it’s helpful to take note of the set of unwritten rules that accompany every major endeavour. In other words, how can you truly keep casual sex casual?

1. Don’t have sex with your friends.

Contrary to what the word entails, your fuckbuddy should absolutely not be your pre-existing buddy. Unless you want to go down the messy road of grey areas, ambiguous labels and the inevitable demise of your friendship, steer clear of cherry-picking from your handful of close friends.

2. Set boundaries.

If emotional connection is at the heart of true intimacy, casual sex is not the place to let it thrive. It’s important to make a pre-determined distinction between love and sex in order to avoid ending up in an area in between, so keep the conversation light.

3. The shorter, the sweeter.

While you might’ve thought everything sex-related would pertain to the opposite, there is one aspect that sheds light on the sweetness of brevity: the amount of time you choose you to have sex with the same person for. It might be one time, or it might be multiple. Whatever it is, if you’re eating greasy takeout together while watching reality TV, it’s gone on way too long.

4. Communicate.

Although casual sexcapades do not invite intimate conversation, they do call for a safe space to discuss what you do and don’t like. Talking about sex doesn’t ruin it, it makes it better. Talk it out, experiment and get down to business.

5. Safety first.

On birth control? Doesn’t matter. Using condoms and having sex go hand in hand, so don’t skip out on the important stuff. 

Above all, situations involving casual sex should be a fun and safe place to explore your sexuality, interestsand inevitably learn more about yourself. Make the most of your twenties and indulge in the commitment-free environment it brings.

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