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How Jessica became Jessica? Watch the new season to find out.

What happens when you are forced to become a superhero? Catch the flip side to being a vigilante superhero in the second season of Jessica Jones on Netflix.

Jessica Jones, a superhero-turned-private-investigator (P.I.), is Marvel’s first female superhero to have a stand-alone show. Jessica Jones is based on Marvel’s superhero character, Jewel. The show tells us the story of P.I. Jessica (Kristen Ritter) who, after being mind controlled and consequently suffering from PTSD, isolates herself from the world. Jessica realizes that she has good detective skills and hence, she opens a P.I. firm. The first season focused on Jessica’s life one year after she escaped Kilgrave, a super who has the ability to control minds. We learned about her business, her PTSD, and her past. We saw her face the man she feared most, A.K.A. Kilgrave (David Tennant), whose voice she tried to drown out through alcohol. We saw the superhero core beneath the rebellious and self-destructive outer shell. And we fell in love with the woman who stood tall after all this. Well, at least I did.

          Jessica Jones and Kilgrave

I absolutely love Jessica Jones. (Confession: I am a nerd and the best feeling ever for me is watching a female superhero leaving everyone else in utter awe.) I have seen both shows that the character is in: —Jessica Jones and Defenders. The second season of Jessica Jones is set after her impromptu mission with the Defenders team, where she helps defeat The Hand.

The official trailer gives us a very exciting preview of what is about to be revealed in the upcoming season. It introduces two very interesting and possibly dark characters—one who is apparently Jessica’s business rival and another who is still in the shadows. The second season will focus more in-depth on Jessica’s past, reveal more about her powers, about the people who experimented on her, and about others like Jessica.

As someone who finished the entire season in one night (that’s right—almost 11.30 hours of Jessica), I can tell you that you are in for a surprise—multiple surprises actually. It is worth watching, especially, if you like to bite your hand while you wait in anticipation of the difficult (sometimes questionable) choices that your superhero makes and the consequences that they are going to suffer.

All in all, I could not wait for Jessica Jones to come back (hence the binge watching) in all her black-leather-jacket, boots and wearing-the-same-pair-of-jeans-everyday glory. I’ve waited for her snarky one-liners and badass comebacks to remarks from other people for far too long. I just wish March 8th had come around sooner.

The new season was released on March 8th, the same day as International Women’s Day, and all I can say is—well played Netflix.

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