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How to Dress Basic this Fall

Oh fall, the most basic season of them all! In case you’ve been living under a rock (or just not going to campus, because who needs class anyway, right?) there have been some serious trends emerging among the basic population on Western’s campus. So, if you want to be basic, get your wallet ready – this season’s trends aren’t cheap.

1. The Adidas Superstar

Let’s start with the comfiest shoes ever – the Adidas Superstar. It’s a pretty simplistic design that rings in at $100, but let’s be honest, they’re super cute and everyone has them. So you obviously should go and buy them, but be sure to get your name on them so you don’t confuse them with anyone else’s- and yes, this is an option when ordering from the Adidas website!!

2. T-Shirt Dress

Next up is the classic T-shirt dress, swing dress, or whatever you want to call it. The relaxed design goes perfectly with a nice pair of boots, or paired up with a scarf. The dress can cost you a mere $22 at Forever 21 and comes in a variety of super cute fall colours.

3. Blanket Scarves

Speaking of scarves – blanket scarves are very ‘in’ right now. Seriously, I dare you to tally up every girl you see rocking one of these oversized blankets of happiness. My personal favourite is the diamond mosaic blanket scarf from Aritzia, ringing in at $85, it does come with a hefty price tag, but is honestly so worth it. It’s so comfy you’ll probably fall asleep in it at your next Weldon study sesh.

4. A Blue Jays Hat

Baseball caps are a classic, especially for hiding the grease ball that is your hair after not washing it for five days straight. Even better than a plain baseball cap? A Blue Jays baseball cap, so you can pretend to be invested in the Jays as they work their way toward… well, I’m not sure what they’re working toward but it’s probably really good. Go Jays!

5. Leggings

Of course, no outfit would be complete without a cozy pair of leggings. The mesh trend is raging and the stride leggings from Aritzia do not disappoint. Of course, for $65 they are kind of pricey, but still less expensive than Lululemon.

Finally, to complete your outfit? A pumpkin spice latte. Just kidding, those things are nasty and it’s time we all admit it.

Stay basic!


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