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Haute Hijabs Releases First Ever Luxury Hijabs

Haute Hijab, a leading online hijab retailer, released the first ever luxury collection of the Muslim headdress on January 22, 2018.

Haute Hijab is expanding their casual and formal scarves with a five-piece line of luxury hijabs. The designs are crafted from silk, satin, tulles and Swarovski crystals with an inspiration from Classic Hollywood icons, including Hedy Lamarr and Grace Kelly, according to POPSUGAR.

The luxury hijabs are priced from C$334 to C$418, while their everyday line costs around C$26.

Melanie Elturk, co-founder of the company, admitted to Glamour that the new collection is costly, but that she believes there is a high demand for special occasion hijabs.

“So many of our customers are doctors, professionals or are married to a doctor or a professional and are spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on amazing dresses to wear to a soiree, and then wearing a plain, dark hijab,” said Elturk. “With this collection, I’m giving Muslim women the opportunity that every other woman has in America—to be beautiful and to be proud of who she is.”

Elturk, a Muslim-American civil rights attorney, co-founded the company in 2010 with her husband Ahmed Zedan.

During her adolescence, Elturk was disappointed with her lack of options for hijabs. She found it difficult to feel beautiful until she began to sew printed silk scarves into hijabs.

“I remember the first day I walked in [to school] with one of those [her handmade hijab], and people were like, ‘What is going on?’ My hijab finally made me feel so confident, something I had never felt before,” Elturk told Glamour. “I thought if I could give access to really beautiful hijabs that made women feel strong and powerful that would be huge.”

The brand produces hijabs with a modern aesthetic that allows women to express both their Muslim and American identities. The styles also include luxe solids, special wovens and jerseys.

Haute Hijab already has plans to expand the luxury collection and the formal hijab line with more options at lower price points.

For more information and to see more designs, check out their website!


What do you think about the new line of luxury hijabs? Let us know in the comments below!


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