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Hannah Taft, Athlete Extraordinaire

Name: Hannah Taft

Age: 20

Program: Kinesiology

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Tell me about yourself and all of the things you do at Western:

I was on the Varsity Rowing team at Western for my first two years of undergrad. Now I’m hoping to join DanceForce and to continue volunteering for Track 3. Track 3 is a program where volunteers teach people with Down Syndrome and various other mental and physical disabilities how to ski.

How did you hear about Her Campus? Why did you decide to join?

In the summer, Becca Serena, a third year MIT student, messaged me out of the blue! We took Writing 1000 together in our first year.

What is your favorite thing to do in London?

Drink, I guess? No, but really, I enjoy dancing: all forms of dance. I even take dance courses.

What did you do this summer?

Over the summer, I was a Pedi-Cab Tour Guide back in Victoria. People would sit in a rickshaw attached to my bike and I would ride them around while telling them about the city. It was cool because I would get to show them the places in Victoria that people wouldn’t know to see themselves. About one to three cruise ships arrived per day at different intervals and they would only stay for about five hours, so sometimes I’d have to bike for twelve hours straight. It was super intense, but I loved it!

Do you have any mottos that you live by?

I’m really trying to live more in the moment, so I guess that would be my motto. I learned this from Barb, one of my  dance professors. I think I’ve learned more from her than from any other class I’ve taken. I try not to be focussed on my phone and be really present with the person that I’m with.

Do have any guilty pleasures?

Watching “The Office” could be considered a guilty pleasure of mine; but there’s nothing guilty about that. I also love food (anything deep-fried and chocolate-y), and “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Whenever I need a study break and a laugh, I watch “The Office.” Otherwise, I do yoga, dance, go running, or to the gym.

Where is the best/ last place you have travelled to?

I feel like I haven’t travelled enough, but when I was 16 my dad took me for an 800km pilgrimage walk (a journey to find yourself along pilgrim routes) from France to Spain for a month. We got to walk through mountains, and we met a lot of cool older people. It was just stunning: there were so many beautiful trails and mountains. The hike itself wasn’t too bad considering my dad took me on lots of three to four day long hikes, which really helped foster my love for them.

What is your goal for this year?

I would love to branch out more and try different hobbies other than rowing. I would also love to do really well in school so that I can get accepted into the UBC’s Compressed Nursing program.

Alero is a fourth year student at Western University. She is pursuing an Honours degree in Creative Writing & English and is looking forward to post-graduation plans. Her dream job would be something where she could either write or read for the rest of her life - preferably both.
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