Halloween Costumes (That Won’t Make You Freeze Your Buns Off)

We're already so excited for Halloween, which means we're trying to decide what our costumes will be. October hasn't started yet, and our Uggs have already made an appearance, so that means we're going to be very interested in bundling up on All Hallow's Eve. This costumes are funny and will keep you warm all night long, no matter how terrible the weather is. 

1. Bun and hotdog

This one is a little cheeky and a whole lot of fun.

2. A Jellyfish

Use an umbrella, and go wild with strings of beads, ribbons, and anything else you can think of!

3. A pair of boobies!

Not many people are even daring enough to think about pulling this one off, let alone actually do it! You certainly won’t have to worry about bumping into any other boobs at the party.

4. The Cheshire Cat

Although this is a cat costume, it is DEFINITELY not your basic black cat.

5. Avocado

There's nothing more lust-worthy than a smooth, delicious avo. Tip: add a brown, long sleeve top to complete this look and bundle up!

6. Lost Dog

It looks like this puppy went digging for a bone!

7. Sassy Old Grumpsters

Who doesn’t love their grans and gramps?

8. Inflatable Color Suit

Not only do you look ridiculous wearing them, but dancing in an inflatable colour suit is bound to have you, and everyone around you, in stitches and tears by the end of the night. A great option for any crazy dancers (who don’t mind being in the spotlight throughout the night).