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The Guide To Bird Courses At Western

Because as much as we don’t want to think about coming back to Western in January, returning is only a short month away. Besides, we all know you’re going to drop that hard-ass theory course for one of Western’s most popular bird courses. Instead of searching through the entire Western course catalogue, why don’t I list your options right here?


HS 2000: Highway to Health

Course syllabus

NO EXAM! WEEKLY PARTICIPATION! And best of all: you don’t even need to know course content.


GEO 2411: Geography of Tourism

Course syllabus

Instead of reminiscing about your most recent vacation on Instagram during exams, why not make a Powerpoint presentation on it worth 20% of your mark?

Also, every person I messaged asking to provide me with bird courses at Western sent me this course. So there’s that.  



CS 2301: Crime and Punishment in Ancient Greece and Rome

Course syllabus

Warning: This is a course for those who are good at memorizing. However, the course content is so interesting that I guarantee you won’t mind.

I am currently studying for this course, and procrastinating by writing this article. I can honestly say I really enjoy the material taught throughout this course. I had absolutely no prior knowledge of Ancient Greece and Rome going into it, but I constantly found myself wanting to go to class even though the lectures are pre-recorded JUST because Prof Pogorzelski truly loves what he teaches. S’cute.



CS 1033: Multimedia and Communications

Course syllabus

Don’t you just wish all your courses came with an instruction manual to getting a 90%+? This one does!


SOC 2172: Advertising and Society

Course syllabus

Probably the easiest multiple choice exams you’ll ever write and some of the funniest advertisements you’ll ever see. Enough said.



GEO 2152: Geography of Hazards

Course syllabus

Easy exams and easy assignments, what more could you ask for?




MacKenzie is a 3rd year Criminology Student at Western University and an aspiring criminal lawyer. She is passionate about women empowerment and butter chicken. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more shenanigans: @mackenzievozza
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