Growing Up Italian, As Told By Memes

Being Italian is awesome. We love to eat and we have huge entertaining families. We have the craziest traditions, sayings and ways of living. Like any other culture, there are a plethora of stereotypes that follow, however, a lot of the stereotypes about Italians are so scarily true!  Growing up Italian meant you were never hungry, your immediate family consisted of twenty cousins, you know too many girls named Maria and of course, the all-time favourite, you have been asked numerous times if someone in your family is in the mafia. Here are some memes that couldn’t be more true about being Italian.

1. When you talk to your Nonna/Nonno the first thing they ask is, “Did you eat?”


2. Not only do we talk a lot but we talk REAL loud.


3. When sauce making season is nearing and you know everyone’s garages are going to be looking like this:


4. Christmas time = Panettones for everyone.


5. You have been told you talk too much with your hands.

6. This accuracy.

7. Our Sunday dinners and every dinner for that matter looks like this.

8. Having so many relatives that not even you know how you are related to them.


9. Leaving Nonna’s house like...

10. This was so accurate until electricity got expensive…


11. When Jesus is your Nonna’s main man so her house is a full on shrine:

12. Our food groups consist of carbs, carbs and more carbs.

13. We love drama and gossip and are always talking about the family… (#shady)

14. Or East Side Marios, or any other wanna-be Italian restaurant for that matter!

15. And finally, when seeing this, the slipper or the belt, you knew what was coming for you.