Fourth Years Reflect on FIMS Street Team Experience

The Faculty of Media and Information Studies (FIMS) Student Council is hiring its Street Team portfolio for the 2017/2018 school year. Applications are due at 11:59pm on Monday, September 25th.

Street Team by Sahil Mirchandani

Street Team is FIMS Student Council’s (FIMSSC) student run marketing and promotions team in charge of bringing all FIMS event and program information to the student body.

“Every single event that the FIMSSC puts on, from social to academic to information to career to alumni, we are promoting that event,” said Street Team Co-Coordinator and fourth year MPI student, Nikky Manfredi.

Members of Street Team could be in charge of anything from coming up with graphics, videos, or guerrilla marketing to handing out flyers, talking in front of lectures, or setting up booths in campus cafeterias. Whether you have technical production experience or not, Street Team has a place for you.

Reflecting on her experience in first year, Manfredi said she “definitely knew the bare minimum” when it came to production, so her “job was more coming up with the creative ideas” and pitching those at the team’s weekly meetings.

Unlike Manfredi, Kiija Gargarello, fourth year MTP student, was on Street Team in her first year looking to build her technical and production experience.

“I really wanted to build my portfolio so that was really awesome for me and the people that were more on the production side,” said Gargarello. “It’s kind of the best of both worlds: you get to be social and meet new people within FIMS, but then you’re also doing shit. It’s not just a club that is to be social. You’re actually able to learn and create and contribute to your future.”

Street Team’s “best of both worlds” nature primarily—though not exclusively—attracts first years because not only is it an easy way to meet people in FIMS, but it also fosters peer-to-peer learning. During Street Team weekly meetings, members are able to share ideas, knowledge and experience, and the team works together toward a common goal. Manfredi noted that while marketing and university can be competitive, Street Team is a welcoming environment where people are open to help each other.

“We’re all so used to lectures, that’s what we’re getting all the time, and FIMS can also be very theoretical. So I think it’s nice to just have a hands on experience with people who are sort of at the same level and going through the same experience as you,” Manfredi said.

Marisa Cho, fourth year MIT student, joined Street Team both as the First Year Representative on FIMSSC and in order to meet other people in her program with a common passion for content creation. “The thing that you’re bonding over is the reason you initially joined the program, which is to make things and share it with people,” said Cho.

Both Cho and Gargarello reflected on their favourite memory during their time with Street Team, which was the promotion for FIMSSC’s event Office Party. Volunteers from the team dressed in up in office clothing, gathered in a basement classroom, did a photoshoot and filmed a video.

“It was my job to make everyone’s office clothes look really messy and kind of like they’d just been out for the night, so I just had makeup and was smearing it,” said Cho. “It was just really fun to film that and it was kind of silly, and it was the middle of first year and I finally felt comfortable and like I had friends and was doing something cool.”

Manfredi said her and her Street Team Co-Coordinator Shaun Ferguson, fourth year MIT student, are looking for applicants who are enthusiastic, committed and want to create campaigns they can be proud of.

“We want committed people every week, but the commitment level is honestly pretty low compared to other groups which is really nice, because it is just that outlet and not supposed to be something that creates additional stress for students,” said Manfredi.


Applications can be found here and are open to all FIMS students. Email completed applications to [email protected] by Monday, September 25th at 11:59pm.

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