Four Empowered Female Instagrams To Follow In 2017

There are countless memes about how when kids learn about the 2000s in history class years and years from now, this year should be rightfully excluded because it was so disastrous. From the celebrity deaths, natural disasters, Trump, Standing Rock, Aleppo­–you name it, this year really is one of those years we wish we could forget. However, that is the exact reason why we can’t pretend it never happened. Behind the turmoil, strife, tears, and flat out anxiety, there were people this year who never stopped talking and never stopped believing that good should prevail. Here is a list of some of the most influential, woke as hell, FEMALE, social media presences in 2016 to keep talking about, so 2017 doesn’t become "2016 S."


1. Sophia Bush

From her passionate Instagram posts pleading for the public to become upstanders, to her countless retweets exposing the actual monster that Trump is, Sophia Bush has been a social media superhero in 2016. Her presence on the internet was anything but unnoticeable during the American election, encouraging her American followers to register to vote and have their voices heard. Albeit her standpoint was biased in favour of Hillary Clinton,but how can you blame her? Regardless of her political stance, she is using her platform to spread love, something this world could use a lot more of. A boss on and off screen (forever Brooke Davis in our hearts), Sophia is keeping us inspired to keep fighting for what is right, and what truly matters.


2. Zendaya

From posting solidarity posts for Standing Rock on Thanksgiving, to being an active voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, Zendaya is proof that you can slay in more ways than one. She stands with other women, not against them. She owns who she is and has fun with her flaws. Not only will she keep you woke, but she’ll keep you laughing too. She is one young female you should definitely follow in 2017.


3. Shailene Woodley

Another young starlet turned activist, Shailene Woodley is out there fighting the good fight, and I hope she never stops. She was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter during the American election this year (weren’t we all). Calling out the news for their biased election coverage and educating the public about Bernie’s platform, Shailene’s passion for change should not go unseen. She’s one of the few who not only speaks out, but takes literal action. In October of this year, Shailene livestreamed her arrest on Facebook while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, which has since been rerouted–a victory for the Standing Rock reservation and First Nations people everywhere.


4. Rowan Blanchard

This artsy tween proved that she’s far more than just a product of the Disney machine when she gave a lengthy answer to a Tumblr user’s question about intersectional feminism at just 13 years old. Since then, the youngster has used her social media platforms to encourage her followers to stand with Hillary Clinton, despite being too young to vote, provide education on gender inequality issues, and promoted real ways for people at home to make a difference. She is paving the way for her young fans, our future, to believe in an equitable world for everyone.