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Friends with Benefits (FWB) are the middle ground between a random hookup and a full-blown relationship which, for some, may be the perfect combination. However, it is very easy for the line between FWB and something more to become blurry fast, so here are five rules to follow that should help:

1. Choose someone that makes you comfortable

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The best part about this type of relationship is that you and your partner are friends. This means you already have an emotional connection, understand each other’s personalities and care for one another. You want to choose a friend that makes you feel comfortable and safe, as you should with any partner in any type of relationship. If you do not feel comfortable with each other, the next steps will be quite difficult and awkward to follow, so this one’s important!

2. Open and honest communication​
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We all hear horror stories about how every FWB ends with a broken heart and a broken friendship;however, such pain can be avoided by simply being open with your partner. If you begin to develop feelings for them, the best thing to do is to talk about it. If they do not feel the same way, at least you can put an end to the relationship before things go too far.

3. Set boundaries

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It can be very easy to fall into a sort of ‘couple’s routine.’ To avoid this, clear boundaries should be set on how often is too often, what topics should be avoided, where/when you are just friends and where/when you can be more intimate. Boundaries will help diminish any questions about where you two stand and provide a comforting confidence in the relationship.

4. Maintain space

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This will ensure you keep your independence and don’t end up spending all of your time with this person, which can lead to a serious attachment and make it harder to keep things casual. In a FWB, you can have the freedom that single life has to offer in addition to some perks of a relationship.

5. Have fun

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The whole point of an FWB is to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you begin to feel like it is causing you emotional pain or distress, it may be time to reconsider if this situation is right for you. All relationships should be enjoyable and consensual, so get out there and make some special friends!

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