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Five New Creative Ways To Decorate Pumpkins

Orange you excited for Halloween this year? I sure am, just like the dogs above are. Every year, right at the beginning of September and, if you get lucky enough, in August the stores are already filled with Halloween costumes and decorations. The Halloween festivities seem to start earlier and earlier every year. 

The one Halloween tradition that I believe everyone always looks forward to is carving pumpkins. But, instead of carving your pumpkins this year, I have five new and creative ways to attractively personalize your pumpkins.

1. Mr. Potato Head Style Pumpkin

To start, I think that it would be very fun to personalize some pumpkins based on old childhood memories. Toy Story is a movie that the majority of us grew up watching and it would be interesting to personalize a Mr. Potato Head inspired pumpkin. Also, this would be a very simple and easy way to decorate a pumpkin. This now gives you the opportunity to search for and explore your old childhood items such as the Mr. Potato Head toys that might be hidden in your basement. But, if you cannot find Mr. Potato Head toys laying around your house then you can always buy them at stores such as Walmart. Decorate and personalize some pumpkins while reminiscing your old childhood memories!

2. Melted Crayons Pumpkin

Next, you can try this extraordinarily new and brightly multi-coloured pumpkin. Before you start melting the colourful crayons onto your pumpkin, you can paint your pumpkin a crisp base white coat or you can just leave the pumpkin like it originally is. The first thing you have to do to create this fascinating pumpkin look is to pick out a bunch of crayons and take the paper off of them. Then, you have to glue all of your crayons to the top of your pumpkin and heat up your hairdryer. Now, you can watch the magic from the heat of your hairdryer immediately melt the crayons down your pumpkin. Just try to be extra cautious about the work environment that you are decorating your pumpkin in by having a tablecloth underneath the pumpkin as you are decorating it. Take a look at a YouTube tutorial of how to create this style of pumpkin here. Enjoy decorating this neon crayon coloured splattered-like canvas artwork pumpkin!

3. Sparkles Pumpkin

Thirdly, you can try decorating this very sparkly yet spooooky pumpkin. This style of pumpkin is very simple, dazzling and conveniently quick to decorate. All you need to use is some sparkly paint or regular coloured paint and some sparkles to toss on it. You can paint your sparkly pumpkin any colour that you like. After you are done adding some sparkle to your pumpkin, there is always the option of adding a face to your pumpkin with black paint or with a black marker.

4. Gem Sticker Pumpkin

Fourthly, this is a very quick and easy way to decorate some pumpkins by using gem stickers. You can use different styles and various colours of gem stickers. Also, you can try decorating your pumpkins with different patterned designs of how your gem stickers are placed on your pumpkin. For a final touch, you can even add a bow or ribbon to the top of your pumpkin to add some more glam to it. 

5. Chalkboard Pumpkin

Lastly, you can always decorate your pumpkins with some chalkboard paint. All you need is some chalkboard paint and some chalk to create this pumpkin. With chalk you can write a message or draw an image on your pumpkins. You could even write a countdown for Halloween on your pumpkins. But, your pumpkin does not need to be just about Halloween. It could also have a fun message on it such as in the photo above. Have fun decorating this pumpkin while celebrating the new colourful changes of fall leaves and the countdown to Halloween night.

So, instead of carving your pumpkins this year, try out these five new and creative ways to attractively personalize your pumpkins. Have fun this year when decorating your pumpkins with these new creative styles!

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