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I have spent the past few months preparing and planning for my future by writing resumes and cover letters, applying for jobs and college programs and prepping for interviews. Amid all of this, I have also spent a lot of time reflecting on my years at Western. I still remember the day that I moved into residence in first year as a naïve but carefree 18-year old. I am now writing this as a fourth-year student in my last semester at Western.

I now know that attending Western and moving away from home was the right decision for me. I have learned to cook, clean, share and time manage. Along the way, I have discovered my passion for cooking and learned that I like to live in clean surroundings. I have also learned to share my space and belongings with others.

I have realized that I like to be surrounded by people but I also enjoy and appreciate my alone time. I have learned to appreciate my family more and that it is important to spend quality time with my parents (even when we bicker). I have learned the importance of self-care. Even when I am busy and overwhelmed, I know now that taking care of myself is essential for my well-being and success, whether that means getting some extra sleep, watching an episode of my favourite show, reading a book or exercising. And finally, I have learned that getting a bad grade is not the end of the world. As cliché as it sounds, grades do not define me.

Western has been my home for the past four years. I have grown, changed and learned a lot about myself and others here. And I have also had my fair share of fun and made some unforgettable memories. I never thought this time would come so quickly, but it is time to leave this comfort zone of mine. I am no longer just a student at Western University who still has time to figure it all out. It is time to embark on this new journey that is both exciting and scary. And all I can do is try my best and hope that it all works out.

Western, it’s been real. And I will miss you.

Currently a fourth year philosophy student at Western University and Junior Events Executive for Her Campus.
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