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Exams as Told by the Cast of Arrested Development

With exams starting up next week, it is time to commemorate the many relatable experiences we all go through during this dark time. Arrested Development is available for binging on Netflix and chronicles the life of the iconic Bluth family. Season Five has been renewed and will star the usual cast, including Portia De Rossi, Michael Cera, and Jason Bateman. Here are the top 13 most relatable moments from Arrested Development

1. Thinking about dropping a course but powering through so you don’t have to do a fifth year

2. Getting your schedule and seeing your last exam is at 7pm on April 30th

3. Psyching yourself up for 12-hour days at Weldon

4. Walking out of the library and realizing it’s already night time

5. Waiting to go into your first exam knowing you have four more to go

6. Studying for the class you knew was going to be hard but took anyway to challenge yourself

7. Desperately going to office hours at the last minute even after your prof said “don’t come to me at the last minute”

8. When your friends finish their exams before you and ask you to get a drink with them

9. When the prof says that this is not an exam you can cram for

10. When the exam was much more difficult than the practice questions

11. Walking out of your last exam…

12. May 1st, realizing exams are finally done

But now you have to move out of your house…

13. Forgetting everything you learned this year as soon as you leave campus

No matter what, during this stressful time remember university is supposed to be a well-rounded growing experience, and at the end of the day, your worth cannot be defined by a number.

So, when in doubt channel the immortal words of George Michael and remember, university is supposed to be a fun, sexy time.

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