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Emma Watson is Queen of Green

Emma Watson has been a role model for women everywhere since she stepped onto the scene in the Harry Potter franchise. Since then, she has taken on many important roles for women, including her He for She campaign as a member of the United Nations. She spends a lot of her time working for women’s rights which is so important.

Emma’s newest movie, Beauty and the Beast, is being met with much anticipation for what is going to be her feminist take on an old character. However, that’s not the only good that this new and improved Belle is doing. The fashion seen in both the movie and on the red carpet is sustainable fashion! While many companies are attempting to make their impact on the earth a little greener, Emma is taking that on into her own life and roles.

In a recent article by Cineplex Magazine, it was revealed that the costumes used in the film are completely green! And we don’t mean the colour. The designers for the film’s costumes made a sustainable choice by creating costumes that were completely ethical. That means that they’re made from fair trade materials, coloured with less harmful dyes and produced by workers who were paid a reasonable wage for their work. Even the patterns that can be seen on the costumes used are made with woodblocks and through other green methods.


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While movies typically produce many goods for quick use over the short period of filming, the Beauty and the Beast film has taken the next step to make movies a greener place. Not to mention that this leads to gorgeous costumes which look more like the period dress that the movie is striving for, since they’re made in traditional ways.  

Emma is not letting the sustainable ball stop there. In fact, she has taken the initiative to wear sustainable clothes while on her press tour for the movie. This has included a Louis Vuitton look made from recycled bottles and Stella McCartney’s “cruelty free” fabric choices (amazing choices that look as good as they are for the planet).

Emma has also launched a new Instagram account that is following her red carpet looks as she’s on tour. The Press Tour has pictures of all of Emma’s sustainable and fabulous looks. A red carpet wonder, and fashion inspiration, it’s so important that role models such as Emma Watson take this initiative to lead greener lives.


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While the release of Beauty and the Beast is something to look forward to, the press tour has been made more exciting for fashion fans everywhere. It’s wonderful that a passionate and strong woman can become a Disney princess and influence fans everywhere to follow in her footsteps: from being a feminist princess to a sustainable (and fabulous) dresser.

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