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Emma Coates, FIMSSC President

Age: 20

Program: Media, Information, Technoculture (MIT)

Year: 4th Year

Hometown: Oakville

Tell us about your role as FIMS president.

I think the role is seen as slightly different year to year depending on who holds the position, but it is first and foremost to advocate on behalf of the FIMS student body.  I’m responsible for leading the FIMS Student Council (FIMSSC), as well as holding the only FIMS spot on the University’s’ Students’ Council (USC).  On the FIMSSC, I see my role as someone who should be increasing debate and bringing forth new ideas to empower the FIMSSC.  This comes along with making sure the team can respectively work together and are inspired enough to push boundaries in each of their roles.  A passionate team will hopefully allow for our constituents to approach council members to bring ideas and initiatives forward.  The FIMS President should be voting and speaking on behalf of FIMS students on the USC floor to effectively represent the faculty.  It is also my duty to actively listen and question motions that are being brought to the USC by other councillors.  Whether it be defunding the Mustang Express or proposing USC electoral reform, I need to make sure that I’ve read supporting documents in order to ask the right questions.


What do you hope to achieve with the council next year?

Next year I want our council to to increase student engagement.  I think there are a lot of people who want to get involved but don’t know how.  Making council more open by encouraging all students to become general members will allow our council to offer opportunities to all, ensuring that we’re representing all FIMS students.  Increasing student opportunities also comes with our focus on increasing the bond between members in Street Team and the FIMS Charity Team.  The FIMSSC should be a resource for students who want to drive change and create content outside of academics; increasing engagement and participation will achieve this goal!


How has FIMS impacted your student life at Western?

Our teeny-tiny faculty has definitely shaped who I’ve become at Western. I think it’s pretty obvious that most FIMS students hold a strong consciousness to global realities. Since our faculty is quite small, I think the group of friends that I have been graced upon are quite special people!  I seem to click with most of the people that I’ve met in FIMS.  Being on the FIMS Soph Team for the past two years has made me even prouder to be a FIMS student.  Since we do learn a lot about looking at things from a different perspective, I find that most FIMS students are quite empathic to people’s feelings which is a trait that I really value in people.  Finding these people and working with a small community of students has made my experience at Western something that is incredibly meaningful.


If someone was interested in being more involved in FIMS, what advice would you give them?

There are so many ways next year!  Check out our Facebook page for the FIMSSC, which is currently named MIT/MTP/MPI (in the midst of changing it, RIP MTP) on how to get involved in each stream. If you’re interested in writing think pieces or poetry, get involved with writing for Openwide. Street Team applications will be out in September: this is where you can create content to get the word out for FIMS events, while working with a large group of other FIMS students (this is a great way to meet people).  There is also the FIMS Charity Team that works with the Charity Commissioner on council to raise funds/awareness for London’s Unity Project.  

THE BIG NEWS: FIMSSC Council meetings are open to EVERYONE!  This invite goes to YOU [funky fresh FIMS student]!  If you come to three council meetings, you will be automatically ratified as a general member on the FIMSSC!  So come on out!  


What has been your favourite Western moment so far?

When Justin Trudeau came to Alumni Hall at Western to hold one of the many townhalls that he was doing.  Somehow I got into the event, somehow I got front row and somehow the PM chose my hand to hear from. Speaking directly to him to ask about mental health services meant a lot to me. He didn’t have a direct answer, but I’m glad that I brought it to the discussion by speaking directly to my personal experiences with our healthcare system. The fact that our PM  was willing to listen to everyone there, completely uncensored, is something that I think is very valuable for leaders to hold.


What are your plans for the future?

Well, I haven’t quite decided on my whole life plan just yet.  Right now I’m trying to experience and challenge myself as much as possible.  I know that trying out lots of things and being passionate about what I’m doing is going to lead me into a path where I’m happy with what I’m working on. For the summer, I’m heading to Banff to be a photographer for tourists taking trail rides on horses.  Maybe I’ll come back a full on cowgirl—anything can happen.  Other than that, just eating lots of alphaghetti and tinkering around with Western policy ~


Speed round:

Ceeps or Frog?

Ceeps (4 th3 dnce fl00r)

Favourite prof?

Warren Steele  (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

Night Owl or Early Bird?

Night Owl

Weldon or Taylor?

Weldon (for the snacks)

Toronto or Vancouver?



Ella is proud to be HC Western's President for the 2017-2018 year.
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