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A Day At The Library, As Told By “How I Met Your Mother” Characters

Exam season is tough on everyone. Little sleep is had, sweat pants are mandatory, and the library becomes your second home. Lately, my escape from the finals grind has been the ever popular TV show How I Met Your Mother. Although studying definitely isn’t as legend—wait for it—dary as this gang’s adventures, I believe (just as hard as Ted believes every woman he dates is “the one”) that all the studying will one day pay off. If all the days are melding into one long day for you too, this cycle might help you keep track of when the sun’s up or down.


When you realize it’s finally time to buckle down and study...


But someone steals you and your friend's favourite study spot.


Regardless of where you study, you know after two hours you’re going to feel like this:


So you try a little bit of self-motivation...


And get your friends to help keep you focused.


When you think you understand a concept....

...and you realize you don’t.


So you convince yourself into thinking that you know absolutely nothing...


And begin to question what you’re going to do with your life.


But hopefully your friends figuratively slap you out of your self-pity before it’s too late.


Because that’s what friends are for.

Suddenly things start making sense!


So you reward yourself with a little snack...

Before you know it you’ve found your study groove.

But then you look out the window and realize it’s no longer daylight...

And that your days will consist of mostly the library until exams are over.


Just kidding, you’ll probably feel something more like this:


But remember, in the end, all the hard work is worth it.


And if you ever need to procrastinate, you can always call your dad and ask one question that is guaranteed to have a long, long answer...


Gabriella is in her third year at Western U studying kinesiology and creative writing.
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