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Can you Keep a Secret?

Everyone reveals the odd secret now and then, especially when we have a little, or a lot, to drink! “I kissed Kate’s boyfriend” or “I was the one that ripped your favourite top, not Emma!” But imagine revealing all of your deep, dark secrets to a stranger on the plane!

That’s exactly what happens to Emma. In an effort to stay calm during a turbulent flight, Emma reveals all her secrets to the stranger sitting next to her on the plane, and when I say all, I mean all! Thinking
she won’t ever see the man again, Emma thinks nothing of it until the stranger turns up at her work and ends up being her boss! The hilarious and embarrassing events that follow turn Emma’s life upside down.

Can you Keep a Secret is a must read! Not only is it entertaining with its hilarious plot twists, and of course all the juicy secrets, but it’s also a romantic story. Emma has to choose between her boyfriend and another mystery man I won’t reveal; I don’t want to reveal too many details!

Sophie Kinsella is most famously known for her shopaholic series but her other lesser known books are just as funny, cute and entertaining. This is a perfect guilty-pleasure read. If you’re looking for something fun to read, besides your textbooks, definitely pick this one up!

Rida is a fourth year student at the University of Western Ontario and is extremely excited about the opportunity to bring Her Campus to London! She recently changed her major from Finance to English Literature after finally realizing what she wanted to do with her life. Having spent her whole life in the Middle East (Dubai and Saudi Arabia) Rida had no choice but to grow up a shopaholic! Having shifted from the desert to the great ice box that is Canada, she still finds it difficult to adjust to the freezing weather. In her spare time, Rida likes reading, watching way too many shows, stuffed crust pizza and,of course, shopping! Her aspirations are to one day live in Paris and be a writer for Vogue.
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