A Brutally Honest Review of the Diva Cup

I’ve always heard people ranting and raving about their Diva Cups, and I have to admit, I doubted the amazingness of the little rubber cup.

Basically, it’s this little silicone cup that you stick in your cooch and it catches all your period blood. Literally the weirdest, grossest concept ever.

So, I ordered mine, and balked at the price—$35. But it would pay off in the long run, right? Provided I didn’t hate it and burn it in a fire, like this lady. My period came (you are NOT the father!) and I began to mentally prepare myself by reading the instruction booklet.

Honestly, I was pretty freaked out about sticking it up there. Make an “okay” sign with your thumb and your forefinger— that’s how big the cup is at its widest point. It’s bendy and flexible, just like a vagina, but like, c’mon.

I followed the directions on how to fold it to get it in, and felt my vagina suck it in. Weird and gross, right? Let me tell you more! The Diva Cup stays in your vagina and doesn’t leak by suctioning itself into your vagina. I wore it all day, and it definitely was more comfortable than a tampon, cause I couldn’t even feel it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the real mission: taking it out. I almost ripped off an acrylic nail and turned the bathroom into a murder scene when I tried to get the thing out. You have to be careful taking it out, cause it’s full of blood now! Yum! And you can’t fold it to get it out, so basically, you just have to yoink it. This is a similar feeling to removing a dry tampon—and that is a hard pass in my book.

Overall, the thing is kind of a neat concept. You can wear it for 12 hours max, sleep in it, and it doesn’t leak. As a lazy person, the 12 hour time period is honestly the best. I slept in it and didn’t leak at all. So, I’m not spending money on tampons/pads/pantyliners, not spending money on new undies, not washing my sheets every day for a week, and there’s no environmental impact. Even though it looks like a low key crime scene when I take it out, I think I’ll be sticking with the Diva Cup for now.