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Break the Cycle is an up and coming group of women at Western with the goal of changing the period scene! They aim to tackle some of the major issues women face surrounding menstrual health. 

Their mission… 

    Break the cycle operates with three main goals in mind. Those goals are to address period poverty experienced in London, menstruation associated waste and the stigma surrounding menstruation. All three goals are worthy ones and I admire their tenacity for wanting to tackle all three at once! Their initiative is an extremely important one! The financial burden of menstruation is alarming with the average menstruator spending $6000 on menstrual hygiene products during their lifetime. Disposable hygiene products produce 200 000 tonnes of non-biodegradable waste annually. Lastly, I’m sure many of you reading this have experienced the stigmatization of menstruation. Whether it was someone suggesting “it’s that time of the month” to justify your behaviour or feeling ashamed for bleeding through your pants. Break the Cycle is saying enough is enough, and I am 100% with them! 

Current projects… 

    Break the Cycle has two current projects in the works. Their major project is geared towards supporting those experiencing period-poverty in the London community. They have selected 28 people in London to provide period products for three months. In lieu of their goal to lower the waste produced by disposable products, they are offering reusable menstrual cups, period panties and reusable pads as options. They recognize, however, that reusable materials are not always the most accessible option and are therefore asking the individuals they are supporting on which  they prefer. 

    Their second project involves breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation, period poverty and sustainability through correcting common misconceptions and combating the spread of misinformation. It is taking place in the form of a social media campaign on Instagram, which went live Sunday March 14th and lasted seven days. In order to ensure they are presenting accurate information, their approach to stigmatization will be routed in research, evidence and lived experiences. 

How you can help… 

As of right now, Break the Cycle is raising funds to aid them in their goal to support local Londoners experiencing period poverty. They are doing so via GoFundMe which you can access here: Break the Cycle GoFundMe. If you feel compelled to, please donate!

Have you experienced period poverty? Feel free to fill out this form! Break the Cycle is happy to receive information about your experience and if you have any advice how they can best serve the community. 

    Give their Instagram campaign a follow: Break the Cycle Instagram 

    Check out their Facebook page as well: https://www.facebook.com/breakthecyclelondon

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