The Best Products for Staying Warm This Winter

Winter is coming, and if you’re not already cold, just give it time. Maybe you’re like me: an icicle 24/7. If you are like me and are consistently frozen, then allow me to be your guide to keeping toasty and warm, whether you’re stuck outside in the snow or cuddled up inside.

1. A Heated Jacket

Finally something to keep you warm when you set foot outside in the snow. This jacket holds heat and will keep you extra toasty—not to mention it’s slim fit. What a treat!

You can buy yours here  for $239.00.

2. 7” Space Heater

This little heater not only is super compact, but can travel with you wherever you go. Whether studying in your dorm, apartment or at the library, this little buddy will be sure to keep your body temp. up all while only reaching 12cm tall.

Get yours on Amazon here for only $28.99.

3. Heated Blanket

I seriously don’t know how people live without these. A heated blanket is a great way to keep warm at night or when you’re on the couch just chillin’. Get one with an automatic shut off so you’re not wasting energy and not overheating throughout the night.

The Bay has them here for $89.99.

4. Towel Heater

This is not a want, but is 100 percent a need!! Imagine it: you step out of the shower and wrap a warm towel around you. It’s like a spa day, but at home!

Find it here for $109.99.

5. Warm Socks

The best part about cold weather is getting to slide on those colourful fuzzy socks that are too big to wear in any shoe. These crazy socks may not be fashion forward, but they are the best way to feel extra cozy on those harsh winter days.

Get your own pair here for only $5.94.

6. Blanket Scarf

Fashionable and warm? Who could say no to a combo like this—the answer is no one. A good blanket scarf not only can tie your entire outfit together, but also acts as a comfy blanket to keep you warm on the go, while in class or studying. This go to accessory is a must have for anyone who is always cold.

Look here for one that’s only $34.97.

7. Headphone Earmuffs

Love listening to your music on the way to class but hate cold ears? This is the product for you. Not only are these fluffy earmuffs super adorable, they also keep your ears warm all while allowing you to listen to your music!

Grab yours off Amazon here for $24.99.

8. Hot Hands

If you’ve never tried these babies before, let me tell you, they are completely magical. You simply open the package, give it a shake and there you have it—heat that you can put wherever you need it most. Whether it be in your pockets or in your gloves, these little packets will keep you warm for up to 10 hours!

Click here to buy a package of 40 for only $34.07.

9. B12/Iron Vitamins

Chances are if you’re cold all the time you are probably low in B12 and/or iron - try getting some multi-vitamins to add to your daily diet to help boost your B12 and iron levels and hopefully warm you up!

Grab your vitamins here for $12.49.

10. Hot Water Bottle

These cute hot water bottles are not only the cutest animals ever, they will also keep you nice and warm as well as relax your muscles and relieve cramps; this multi-purpose item is a must have for women all year round.

Look for one here for $19.95.

11. The Perfect Sweater

This sweater will not only keep you warm, but it also will tell the world how cold you are without you having to say a word.

Find your perfect sweater here for $39.99.

12. Merino Wool Blanket

This wool will blow your mind. Although blankets made with this type of wool can be pricey, investing in one will never be a let down. These blankets keep you warm for hours and are also super comfy, not to mention they come in a variety of colours and sizes which make it easy to choose what you want.

Click here to get yours for $295.00.

13.  A Good Travel Mug

Staying warm all winter long is easy when you have a hot drink to sip on while you’re driving to school or work, walking to class, or studying before bed. By investing in a good travel mug you’ll be able to keep your drink warm for hours and therefore keep your body feeling nice and toasty.

Here’s one from Kate Spade for $22.00.

14. Messy Bun Hat

Yes it is exactly what it sounds like, a hat—with a hole for your bun. Long gone are the days of having to take your bun out so you can keep your ears warm on your walk to campus. Throw your hair in a bun and slide this hat over top—not only will you get to keep your bun in tip top shape, you will also have the warmest of ears. A major win-win .

Find yours here for $26.56.

15. Texting Gloves

By far the worst part of the cold weather is having to take your hands out of your mittens to answer a phone call or text. Investing in some gloves that allow you to still use your touch screen will keep your hands nice and toasty.

Find some here at Old Navy for $12.94.

BONUS: Nose Warmer

The worst thing about being cold is that your nose literally never warms up after you come inside. Some of us just deal with this but if you can’t stand it then this nose warmer is for you. You may look strange, but hey—at least your nose is warm right?

Click here to get yours for $15.87.

So there you go collegiates, you now know 15 ways you or the person you know that's always cold can warm up. If you’re feeling frosty during these cold winter days, grab one of these items to keep you from turning into an icicle. Stay warm, lovelies.

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