Best Places to Do Work On and Off Campus

Sick of Weldon and Taylor? Looking for a new study spot? Well, look no further. From different buildings with aesthetically pleasing views, to cute and cozy cafes down Richmond Row, it’s always nice to get a change of scenery. Here’s your official guide of the best places on and off campus to get some sh*t done.

1. The Gym

This usually isn’t the first place someone would choose to do work, but it’s actually the perfect spot following a workout. Pull up a chair beside the large window and take in that natural sunlight while getting work done.

2. Old Ivey Building/Exchange Building

This spot is my little secret, but I’ll be nice and share it with you. It’s peacefully quiet, extremely aesthetically pleasing, and best of all not that many people know about it.

3. The Spoke

If you prefer a study space with a little bit of background noise, this is the spot for you. Grab a bagel from the spoke, and plop down in one of those booths or a comfy couch and catch up with friends while also doing some work.

4. The Black Walnut

This cute cafe located at Richmond Street and Oxford is great to grab some lunch, a coffee, do work, and hang with friends. The best part is when the weather is nice there are tables outside!

5. Ritual Cafe

This cafe is a little bit farther and located on Talbot. It’s aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and free wifi can leave you sitting there for hours!

6. Your own room

Sometimes creating your own cozy study spot is the best place to get some work done. Hang up Christmas lights, light some candles and get some nice hot tea going. You’ll feel relaxed and in the zone for hours, until you get bored and remember you have a kitchen a few steps away.