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All My Love For “Lover”

The cover for Taylor Swift’s most recent album features vibrant pastel colours, an elegant sparkly pink heart appearing around Swift’s eye, Swift’s hair styled messy while still featuring tips of blue and of course the album title Lover written perfectly in cursive. Just by looking at the album cover itself we can tell that Swift’s new album definitely has an exact opposite theme than what her previous album, Reputation, had. Swift’s eighteen songs on Lover feature themes of love, heartbreak, friendships, past friendships that did not last, family trauma, challenges and triumphs.

I strongly believe that this album is for everyone because it contains a hidden meaning that we all need to know. Swift’s newest album is about overcoming challenges and celebrating triumphs in a classy way. Instead of dealing with the negativity in her life in an appalling way, Swift wrote music based off of what had happened to her personally. Swift wrote Reputation during dark times that she went through and now she celebrates graciously moving on from those events in Lover

When I first listened to the album I blasted it through my giant bedroom speakers because music sounds so much better being blasted through speakers rather than being played on a tiny cell phone. I wanted the whole impact of Swift’s lyrics and music to be very loud the first time I listened to the album. The first time that I listened to Lover, I found it actually really different than most of Swift’s other albums.

My first reaction was that it was a very elegant album but I had to listen to it a couple more times to actually grasp all of the themes and lyric concepts. After listening to it a couple more times, I finally realized all of the controversial concepts that Swift tackled that are not usually accepted by society. Swift really challenged society’s norms with most of her songs on Lover

I really do love every song on the album, but these are some of the songs on Lover that really stood out to me. To start with, the song The Man actually blew my mind when I first listened to it. The whole concept of The Man is very captivating because Swift writes about how she would be dominant in society if she herself was a man. She acknowledges the huge pay gap between men and women in society, and she also sings about if women ever made more money than men then women would be criticized by society for it. Women would not be seen as hard working and society would still not believe that women deserve to be paid more for their efforts. 

Also, Swift writes about how society congratulates men when they are with multiple women. Swift is constantly attacked by the media about how many men she has dated. In her song she makes fun of the media by conveying the message that the number of people that she has dated would not matter if she was a man. I am actually very happy that Swift wrote a song that really challenges society’s norms. I strongly believe that men and women should be paid equally, and also that men should not be praised by society when they aren’t loyal to one woman. I love listening to this song when I feel like breaking society’s norms and when I feel like conquering the fact that so many men nowadays think it’s totally fine to be with multiple women. Listen to this song when you want some female empowerment and forget about that foolish man in your life!

Another song that really stood out to me is Cornelia Street. Swift wrote the song about remembering heart-break, but was still able to make it upbeat and uplifting. It is honestly one of my favorite songs from Lover so far. 

One of my other favorite songs from the album would be Lover because I absolutely love Swift’s angelic voice and soothing guitar in the song. The lyrics are absolutely adorable and the music video is completely genius. The concept of having Swift and her lover in a snow globe together really made the song have an even more intimate meaning.

I also really enjoy the songs Me, Soon You’ll Get Better and Daylight

The song Me is about celebrating self love and acceptance. Me has a catchy and important lyric that we all need to hear, “You can’t spell awesome without me.” Swift wrote this positive song to help celebrate all of the diversity and differences of people in the world. The song Me is an upbeat anthem that we should all listen to when we want to celebrate self love, and acceptance.

I really believe that everyone can relate to the beautiful song Soon You’ll Get Better because it is about Swift’s mom when she was struggling with cancer. Swift sings about how she was in so much pain seeing her own mom in pain and thinking that soon they might never see each other again. Swift sings about hope and trauma in Soon You’ll Get Better

The song Daylight is about embracing hope, trust, love and forgiveness. It is about leaving her past challenges in the Reputation era and loving every moment of the new beginnings brought to her in the Lover era. Swift says in Daylight how she wants to be defined by the things that she loves and not by her struggles. I believe that this is also a very important and interesting point that Swift brings up in her song that we should all know. 

Swift has once again really outdone herself with creating the masterpiece Lover which contains gorgeous cover artwork, meaningful lyrics, her alluring voice, songs of power, and the beautiful concept that she has always written about which is love. 

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