8 Moments Every College Vegan Has Experienced

As more people turn to veganism, maintaining a vegan diet and lifestyle is becoming far easier. Even in the past year, a plethora of vegan restaurants and cafes have opened, and most places are able to accommodate vegans. However, vegans in college face a whole different range of struggles which makes this lifestyle even more challenging.

1. Trying to find tasty vegan food on campus to no avail

You’re squinting at the ingredients lists, slowly scanning food for something that doesn’t include cheese or butter, and asking servers detailed questions about the ingredients of their sauces. You hear groans from the people in line behind you as they hear the words, “Is it vegan?”


2. Being unable to go to certain events the clubs you signed up for are hosting because they are centralized around eating non-vegan food

The pizza events, the potlucks with bacon in everything, the donuts… sometimes you just need to bench yourself from the college fun because oh man, you know you don’t have the willpower for that. You know you’ll either go on a moral crusade or end up shamefully binging in front of a lot of people (and then be filled of cheesy shame for weeks to come).


3. Turning down free alcohol at a party because it isn’t vegan

Everyone is drunk and feeling generous, and multiple people have offered you free alcohol but you’ve had to turn most of it down. From Smirnoff Ice to Bailey’s to various different wines, you’re getting pretty tired of dampening the fun by explaining all the weird animal products that hang out in your bevs. What’s more, now you’re stuck in an unwanted debate with an obnoxious drunk dude who swears you’re “not living your fullest life” by abstaining from animal products.


4. Finding out there is free food on campus but that you can’t have any

Your days of scouting for free food on campus (which will double as your lunch or dinner) are over; good luck finding anything vegan. Free food is no longer the selling point of on-campus events and promotions because you most likely cannot eat anything but a couple of dip-less baby carrots and maybe a slice or two of red pepper.


5. Always having to clarify if the “vegetarian” soups are chicken or veggie broth

You’d be surprised by how many veggie based foods have some animal products snuck in there and you wonder why, especially because chicken broth is, well, not vegetarian. This is exactly why you read the labels on everything and relentlessly question food staff as to literally every ingredient that comprises a food product.


6. Being continually astonished by the general public’s lack of knowledge about what vegans can eat

You’ve been asked if you can eat bread, rice, mushrooms, chicken (because they are, apparently, not animals), you name it… it’s pretty clear that a lot of people have absolutely no idea what veganism actually is. You want to stay calm, to avoid being the stereotypical vegan, but seriously?! It makes you really question how much people know about the food they eat.


7. Giving up on arguing with Rez staff in attempt to get more vegan/vegetarian options

You’ve asked countless times for more vegan options. I mean, you’re paying for the meal plan, right?! However, at this point, you know it’s just not going to happen. If it’s this hard to find even a vegan SALAD, vegan butter isn’t coming anytime soon.


8. Walking into the grocery store is a battle between “Do I buy the expensive vegan options?” and “Do I buy six jumbo bags of french fries?”

You stand in front of the narrow vegan section, stare at the things you would love to eat, and then walk away dejected. You can hardly afford to buy bread, let alone a $7 package of tempeh. You try to fill your cart with veggies, but finals are coming and you know you don’t have time to cook but don’t have the money to afford any easier options. Alas, you find yourself in the freezer section piling veggie spring rolls and french fries into your cart because, well, they were on sale and are ~sort of~ vegetables.



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