7 Unexpected Ways To Get Any Guy To Fall For You

I have found that there are some foolproof methods of getting any guy to fall in love with you. Trust, girl.


1. Guys like girls who have good communication and are clear.

Obsessively text him asking what they’re doing, how many children they want to have etc. 5 minute intervals is the way to go.



2. Be spontaneous.

Wake them up in the middle of the night (right after they have fallen asleep preferably) and ask them what they’re thinking about.



3. Guys like girls that can eat.

During an intimate moment stop and tell them you can’t get turned on unless you have a snack. Then make him go to the store, get a rack of ribs and consume it all.



4. Guys like hearing how big they are.

Tell them “wow you are so tall, you are so large in stature, you have very large feet,” everything except what they REALLY want to hear — it’ll drive him mad.

5. Be cute.

Insist on bringing 11+ stuffed animals and several extremely large gaudy decorative pillows over to his place before you agree to sleep over.



6. Reach out.

Call his mother and start planning your wedding with her.



7. Remind him of you.

Redecorate his place with little things like a selection of ornamental cats, artificial flowers and even old locks of hair!