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6 Western Databases You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Being a broke college student comes with many downsides (namely, way too much ramen), but fortunately, there are some upsides as well. Listed below are six awesome services you get for free with your Western tuition. To access any of them, just google “uwo databases” or click this link and start exploring. 

1. Drama Online

I have always loved the theatre so not going to any live performances this year has definitely sucked. This database offers a brief reprieve to that feeling. Many different features are offered, but the best feature, in my opinion, is the high quality videos of actual professional performances of classic plays like Romeo and Juliet and Peter Pan. 

2. Anatomy.tv

If you’re taking any kind of anatomy class, this is a godsend. And if you’re not? It’s still wildly interesting. This database has in-depth diagrams for basically any part of the human body. They’re designed in an interactive way, which allows the user to click on any body part and get a detailed description of its function, origin and so much more.

3. Pressreader

I’ve found that one of the simple pleasures of life is just reading a magazine, and with this website, you can read whatever magazine you want. From National Geographic to Quilter’s World, this database has enough options to keep you busy for days on end. 

4. Medici.tv

If you’re more of a classical person, Medici.tv has you covered. This website has hundreds of classical concerts, ballets and operas, all recorded in high definition. It even includes masterclasses with amazing professional musicians. Although quarantine may have ruined your plans to see any of these live, these recordings make it feel as if you’re still in the audience. 

5. Classical Scores Library: Volume 1

If you play any instrument, you’ve got to check this one out. It has scores from the medieval period to the 21st century, completely free. As someone who enjoys playing the piano but can’t get around to it that often, this is perfect, because I don’t have to pay for sheet music that’ll take me months to actually learn. 

6. Criterion on Demand

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like movies, which is why this may in fact be the best database on the list. For $0, this website gives you access to surprisingly good movies, such as Birds of Prey and Parasite. If you’re getting bored of the selection on Netflix or any other streaming website you can use this database to spice things up.

There are tons of databases to choose from, so this is by no means an extensive list, just some of ones I found the coolest. Go and look for yourself, and take advantage of all these cool websites; there’s definitely something for everyone there.

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Carlie is a second year student at Western University. Her interests include running (slowly) and starting knitting projects that take over her entire life. She can be found arguing about the superiority of the Oxford comma.
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