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5 Reasons Why Dan and Blair Were the Worst Couple on “Gossip Girl”

Gossip Girl was full of steamy romances, and some...not so steamy. Some of the Gossip Girl romances were definitely less than thrilling. Remember when Serena dated Steven (aka that one brother from 7th Heaven)? Yak.

I think we can all agree that the worst Gossip Girl couple by far was Dan and Blair. I’m pretty sure that the writers broke their backs with that reach. The show was grabbing at straws when they put Dan and Blair together — here are five reasons why Dan and Blair were the worst couple.

1. There was no chemistry between them

I'm actually uncomfortable watching the scenes where they were a couple. They both look so grossed out. I’m grossed out.

2. Blair was so rude to Dan before, during, and after they dated

Like, pretty sure she died inside every time she left the Upper East Side and went to Brooklyn.

3. Dan is an annoying pissbaby

"Bleh I’m Dan I’m so nice I’m such a good guy why doesn’t anyone like me I just want to be popular I’m going to gossip about everyone and mess with their lives and maybe then they’ll notice me.”

4. Blair was a manipulative sociopath

This girl did not do anything without her own interests in mind. And Chuck was the exact same way, which is why they’re perfect for each other. She would step on absolutely anyone to get on top. And Dan was basically a doormat. Wait. Does that mean they were perfect for each other?

5. Blair’s distaste for Jenny Humphrey

Not gonna lie, she was pretty annoying. Especially when she got all angsty and eyeliner smudge-y. But Blair was so nasty to her, and she was Dan’s sister, and Dan should have had some shred of self-respect and defended his sister. Instead he was like, “Hur dur, I’m going to date the girl who bullies my sister because we both like pretentious foreign films.”


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