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Plants are an easy way to make your apartment feel more like home. They add a pop of colour, freshen the air, and can even improve your mental health. However, taking care of a houseplant isn’t always easy. Many plants require very specific light, water, and humidity requirements that you just can’t get in apartments. To make your plant search easier, here is a list of five plants that are perfect for apartments and various plant-owner experience levels.

1. Asplenium

The Asplenium, also known as the ‘crispy air wave’ plant, not only looks cool, but is known for its air purifying abilities. They are also notoriously easy to care for. Water them once a week, keep them in shade, and enjoy the air purifying benefits.

2. Monstera

You probably recognize Monsteras from the Monstera-leaf print that’s been popular lately. Not only is it trendy, but this tropical plant is also very easy to take care of! Keep it at room temperature, water it when dry, and keep it in indirect sunlight. Occasional dusting and misting will help it flourish, but aren’t required.

3. Prayer Plant

While the technical name for this plant is “Miranta,” the prayer plant gets its nickname from the way the leaves close up during the day, resembling hands praying. The different shades of green and purple undertone the leaves can take on will give your Instas some lovely, vibrant colours. Hello, earth goddess!

4. Pilia

If you’re looking for something hot on Instagram right now, a Pilia is just what you’re looking for. It is currently the most popular plant on social media and is still rising in popularity. Pilias require proper drainage and bright, indirect light. It is important to note that Pilia’s don’t like their leaves touching the soil and needs frequent repotting to avoid this.

5. Fig Tree

While a fig tree isn’t exactly the easiest plant to take care of, it’s #instaperfection for veteran plant owners. They require bright, indirect light, monthly fertilizing in the summer, and plenty of dusting! Because their leaves are so big, they tend to collect dust easily, which reduces their ability to photosynthesize.

Hopefully these tips will help you take your Instagram game to the next level, or at least help you pick out your next leaf-baby. Check out your local flower store to see their selection of Insta-worthy houseplants. Happy planting!

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