5 Flowers I'm Adding To My Garden This Summer

Summer is almost here, which means it’s gardening season! While I’m a huge fan of all plants, being a student means I can only have so many, and they all have to fit in pots. Right now I’ve got a few succulents and cacti, but I want to add some colour to the mix. Here are the five, easy to take care of and pot-friendly flowers I’m adding to my “garden” this summer!

1. Chrysanthemums (aka “mums”)

These flowers are easy care and can be left outside in the winter. As a bonus, if you plant varieties like “Cottage Apricot” or “Emperor of China” you’ll be greeted with beautiful flowers into the fall and early winter, making them perfect for a student household (and for the ‘gram).

2. Daisies

While you may think that these beauties are reserved for your lawn, they’re actually perfect for the lazy gardener. As proven by their ability to come back year after year without being planted, these flowers are resilient and need little care. When planted, they tend to grow to about 6 inches, making them window sill friendly. If you’re looking for a flower that comes in a variety of colours, these are perfect for you!

3. Lavender

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor garden, these flowers are a beautiful pop of purple to add! As an outdoor plant, they’ll attract bees and other insects to help feed your garden. When planted indoors with an herb garden, lavender is wonderful as it adds a beautiful scent and takes up little room while still adding a pop of colour.

4. Petunias

Because of the endless varieties of petunias, these flowers work in every garden. I will be adding a “ground” variety to my garden, which are a type that cover over the soil in the pot. This is a great type for those who have wider pots, or limited room to grow height wise. And since there are so many varieties, I recommend mixing a few together in a pot for a more outdoors/natural feeling, as you’ll end up with flowers of various colours, heights and blooming periods.

5. Orchid

This flower I’ll probably end up picking up pre-grown at a farmers market, but that is the beauty of them! Since orchids are such a common flower, they’re easy to find at grocery stores or gardening centers. They’re great plants for those who want to garden, but are looking for satisfaction from their gardening right away, rather than waiting for them to bloom during the summer. I will be “planting” mine on my desk, which is up against my window, as these flowers tend to grow in small amounts, and grow taller rather than wider.

Those are my top five flowers to add to my garden this spring (if Canada ever gets spring). With a mix of different colours and blooming times, adding these flowers to your garden as well is sure to bring beauty and good scents all summer and fall. Are you adding any new plants to your garden this summer?

Or have any suggestions for student-friendly plants? Let me know in the comments below!

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