4 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In London You Need To Check Out

Finding vegan-friendly restaurants can be difficult, especially in a small city like London. I’ve rounded up my top four favourite restaurants in the area that serve delicious vegan-friendly fare. Now the next time you go out to eat with friends, you won’t have to decide between a bland salad and an overcooked veggie burger. Whether you’re a vegan or a die-hard carnivore, you will LOVE these local restaurants.

Plant Matter Kitchen

Located in Wortley Village, Plant Matter Kitchen is a vegan gem. PMK has been bringing plant- based meals, including thin crust pizza, Cobb salad, and waffles, to London since 2016. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it the perfect go-to anytime of the day!

The same team that created PMK recently opened another veg-friendly restaurant called Plant Matter Bistro on Dundas Street. Plant Matter Bistro offers a “fine dining” experience with items like sweet potato gnocchi, cauliflower pot-au-feu, and bibimbap on the menu.

The Root Cellar

Vegan poutine? Yes please. The Root Cellar offers some of the best organic and vegan food in the city. Located in London’s Old East Village, the restaurant has a relaxed, trendy vibe.

This hip restaurant is dedicated to serving up food that is not only delicious, but also organic and locally sourced; in fact, the menu states that “if a local farmer can grow it sustainably, then we’ve sourced it locally.” While the Root Cellar menu isn't entirely vegan, it features dozens of unique and delicious vegan options like Autumn Curry Taco Cups and Kale Cesar Salad. So even if the people you’re dining with aren't as willing to delve into the vegan charcuterie board as you are, there are tons of delicious options for them to enjoy as well.

The Boombox Bakeshop

The only thing better than cupcakes are vegan cupcakes. Finding a restaurant that serves vegan-friendly desserts is a rarity, let alone an entire vegan-friendly bakery! Each day the Boombox Bakeshop has a minimum of 12 different cupcake flavours ranging from vanilla coconut and fuzzy peach to chocolate chai and root beer chocolate float. Each cupcake is $3.15. This unique bakery also takes speciality orders for cakes and holiday trays.

Head to 520 Adelaide St North and treat yourself to a vegan study snack!

Globally Local

If you’re craving unhealthy but delicious food, Globally Local is the place to go. Globally Local is Canada’s first all-vegan fast food restaurant and there are two locations in London. They give classic items like the “Big Mac” a vegan twist. Globally Local’s “Famous Burger” features two meat-free patties topped with famous sauce, onion, lettuce, pickles and vegan cheese. They also have vegan mac & cheese, tacos, and gyros that are so good your non-vegan friends will wish they ordered it.

The Highbury location has a 24-hour drive thru making it the perfect place to indulge in a post-bar snack.

London’s vegan-food scene is evolving. These local restaurants invalidate the common claim that vegan food is “boring” and “bland.” This list is just a portion of what London restaurants have to offer to vegans. With more people converting to a vegan lifestyle each day, it’s refreshing to see new veg-friendly restaurants opening in London and existing ones adapting their menus to accommodate vegan customers.

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