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31 Thoughts I Had Watching The “Love Actually” Sequel

If you are living under a rock, or on a very real note, have no interest in rom-coms or British Christmas movies whatsoever, then you probably haven’t heard that classic movie Love Actually was getting a sequel—a mini short for Red Nose Day 2017. The short, entitled Red Nose Day Actually, was made for British charity Comic Relief, which aims to help communities in impoverished African countries and in the UK.

The much-anticipated sequel aired during the telethon on Friday, and it was everything that long-time fans could have hoped for. Here are the thoughts I had while watching Red Nose Day Actually. Warning: spoilers ahead!


1. I can’t believe it’s finally happening! Oh my God, the music!

2. It’s Andrew Lincoln! Or is it Rick? He really does look like he’s stepped straight out of the apocalypse, poor man.

3. Keira Knightley looks as impossibly beautiful as ever.

4. Are you still in love with her or not? I’m laughing but also crying.

5. Yes, I remember you were going to marry one of those girls, but TBH none of them were as cool as Keira. Your luck ran out there, bud.


7. Kate Moss is his WIFE? Holy guacamole, you win Rick… sorry, Mark.

8. Oh my god, Peter knows he’s there! Did he know he was there originally? Did their friendship survive? Did they just do the manly thing and not talk about it? So many unanswered questions… I need another full movie.

9. Hugh Grant! He’s still the PM; it appears in this reality, the British public have some sense.

10. He’s dancing to “Hotline Bling.” This is better than anything I could have asked for.

11. Drake x Hugh—the new hot collab.

12. But at the same time, this is really weird. Drake and Love Actually are like two different universes.

13. Yikes, Hugh, watch your footing.

14. Dad dancing to the max.

15. Natalie looks exactly the same. Their age gap is really exacerbated now.

16. Their banter gives me life.

17. It seems that Billy Mack didn’t get a hotter gig than Radio Watford.

18. RIP Joe.

19. I thought this was supposed to be a comedy? Why is my heart broken? Why are tears on my cheeks?

20. He slept with a Kardashian, true! Which one? Bet it was Khloe.

21. Colin Firth’s turtleneck is just too much. I love it.

22. They’re still as cute as ever.

23. He’d better learn Portuguese. He’s in for a bit of a shock when his takeaway turns out to be a child.

24. Mr. Bean’s—sorry, Rowan Atkinson’s—gift wrapping is truly marvellous. It also serves to show how much the British public can, and will, queue.

25. Liam Neeson looks sad. Oh god, I hope that there is no more sadness. I can’t take this emotional rollercoaster.

26. There’s the kid! He’s old, and he has a very dodgy moustache.

27. I love this story and I love the kid, but Joanna is just so out of his league.

28. It’s a bit inspirational though. Maybe I should look up some of my crushes when I was in primary school and find them in New York and marry them. Or not.

29. David’s back. He’s ready to wow me with his words. I’m ready.

via Buzzfeed

30. This speech is too real.

31. Good on you, David. I think this is exactly what everyone wanted to hear. Slow clap it out.


You can donate to Comic Relief on the Red Nose Day website. The skit will air on NBC on American Red Nose Day on May 25.


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