21 Things I Love About Myself

With February being the month of love, I think we begin to believe that having a partner is the key ingredient to love and happiness. But let me tell you, I think self-love is 10 times more important. This month, I finally turned 21 and while keeping love in mind, I have chosen to focus on self-love this month. Specifically, here are 21 things I have learned to love about myself by 21. Here’s hoping the things I love about myself trigger you to think of what you love about yourself and allow you to partake in some much needed self-love.

I have learned to  love _________. 

1. The way I look 

Yes, of course there are days when I’m insecure, but I have learned that if I’m happy with how I look then that’s all that matters!

2. My appreciation for those around me

This one is so important to me. I think back to how I treated people through my moody teenage years and now, as I enter adulthood, all I want those around me to know is that they are appreciated and I am so lucky to have them in my life!

3. My ability to be in touch with my emotions

Yes, I cry at everything, but it's only because I care and I love that about myself!!

4. How loving I can be 

I literally have a tattoo that says, “Do all things with love” and I mean it! I love those around me and how as humans we have such an amazing ability to love all we do and those in our lives.

5. That sometimes I’m funny

Sometimes is the key word—but I love that. I’m quirky, and sometimes I make a joke and nobody laughs, but the odd time someone giggles makes me feel amazing about myself and my sense of humour!

6. The ability I have to listen to others

I used to hate that I would stop and get sucked into a conversation with literally anyone. But now I realize not everyone has the patience to listen to others speak, whether it’s about something so trivial or something extremely personal—it makes no difference to me. I just want to listen and be in that moment.

7. The voice I have been given

This is kind of a two part love. I love my singing voice but when I was younger I was not into the idea of liking classical music. Now i love to sing, and I own it—broadway songs, jazz... you name it, I’ll sing it. But also the voice I have been given, in acknowledging my privilege, I am able to talk on behalf of those who may not be able to and I love that I can do so.

8. My determination to stand up for others

I have been told time after time that it is not my place to speak, but truthfully I will stand up for those who need me whenever the opportunity arises. 

9. How much I read   I was always the kid who loved english class, and yes, maybe that's nerdy, but over the years I have learned that reading is one of my favourite things and I enjoy it! So who cares if I'm not as popular because I'd rather spend a night in reading a classic novel. My wine, novel and I will be having a great time!

10. That I’m a great kisser

It has taken since grade five to perfect but damn, I have got it down and that's something to love!

11. That I can (kinda?) cook (mostly just chicken)

Okay yeah, literally just chicken—but hey, you can cook it a lot of different ways and I love that I have at least mastered that.

12. How I always find the positive in every situation 

We could be stuck in the worst situation and I would still pull the casual “well at least this didn't happen, could be worse right?” While others may find this extremely annoying, I find it optimistic and encouraging knowing that there are worse outcomes out there, and staying positive will only help the situation no matter how shitty.

13. My mistakes 

I have learned that everything happens for a reason and the mistakes I’ve made, no matter how big or small, often guide me to bigger, better things in life.

14. That I am not very good at sports

My family and I have known this since I was about five, and although some may be discouraged by the lack of skill and ability I have to play sports, I love it—it's a great excuse to never play them simply because no one wants you on their team. But hey, I like watching better anyways!!

15. My (average) grades

I have never been that 90+ student, and I am so okay with that. Over the years I have definitely beat myself up about getting bad or average grades, but the truth is I know there are moments where I could have done better and when I gave it my all, and as long as I am willing to put the work in, even if it gets me a passing average mark, that's okay in my books.

16. That I am almost always smiling 

Even when I’m mad I’m smiley, it's a curse really—but I love it. Everyone I meet always makes a comment on how smiley I am and it's a quality I have learned to really love.

17. My mental health 

No matter what state I am in, I know that tomorrow has the opportunity to be better and that there is no shame in seeking help. I have also learned to accept that mental health days are okay needed to get through life.

18. My intelligence

I will never apologize for knowing too much, and even though some may be intimidated by a woman who is intelligent, they can go screw themselves because I love how much knowledge I have stored inside my brain! 

19. The way my butt looks in the right pair of jeans

My butt looks amazing. I spent a lot of money on my jeans, and it was worth it. I have learned to love that my big butt, even though it may not fit in all jeans, looks amazing in the right pair!

20. My writing!

Once upon a time I would have never had the lady balls to even publish a poem, nonetheless articles and blogs online. I love that I am not only good at writing, but that I have put it out there for the world to see! 

21. My flaws 

Now yes, of course this sounds a little backwards, but the truth is that my flaws, no matter how bad I believe them to be, are part of me and make me who I am.

So there you have it: 21 things I have learned to love about myself by 21. I encourage you to take the time to love yourself and make your own list. Although it may seem silly, you will realize that no matter how many flaws you believe you have there is just so much more to love!

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