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21 Lessons You Learn in College That No One Told You Before

  1. Never let someone “keep the change”. Every non-existent penny counts.


  2. The best diet is called “how can I make this $13 last until payday?”.


  3. Textbooks are strictly optional. Seriously, half of mine are still in their cellophane wrap.


  4. Getting to bed by 1:00 a.m. is considered an early night.


  5. Even with 5 snooze alarms, you’ll probably need an alarm that is across the room before you ever get out of bed.


  6. Anything can be made into a drinking game, be it Monopoly, a movie, or drinking every time you hear your annoying neighbours play bad music.


  7. Naps are one of the best past-times ever. Cherish them.


  8. Due today? Do today.


  9. Waking up with 20 minutes before class is ample time to get ready.


  10. You will long for high school “final exams” because they were only worth 10%… as much as every “quiz” you write.


  11. Any alcohol tastes good when it’s cheap enough (or free). Dollar beers? Yes, please.


  12. The walk up hill to school constitutes a daily workout.


  13. Kraft Dinner actually doesn’t taste too bad when you use water because you are too broke to buy milk forgot to buy milk. 
  14. There’s always an excuse to skip class, for example: “Why would I go to my one-hour class when I have to wait two hours after my other one for it?”


  15. Pulling an all-nighter to do your assignments is actually a thing, not just something from the movies.


  16. Luckily for you, so is acceptable day-drinking.


  17. Toilet paper: There isn’t actually a TP elf that refills it every time it’s gone (cough your parents cough). That sh*t is expensive.


  18. Going out three nights in a row with a combined 14 hours of sleep won’t kill you.


  19. Netflix can be a relationship status.


  20. Having a friend with a car is a god-send.


  21. If you don’t check your bank account and your card isn’t declined yet, consider everything to be okay.


  22. Your printer will always stop working when it’s the day before an assignment is due.
Alexie is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario where she majored in English and minored in both Writing and Anthropology. She is now a graduate student at Western, where she is completing a Masters of Media in Journalism and Communications. Reality TV junkie and social media addict (follow her on instagram: @alexie_elisa and twitter: @AlexieRE_Evans), Alexie is ecstatic to be on the alum team of HC Western Ontario after loving being the campus correpondent in her undergrad!
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