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The 21 Freak Outs All Students In Fourth Year Will Experience

1. Realizing you only have 30 weekends until you graduate

2. Putting together your resume and all you have on there is school and the summer camp you’ve worked at for the past 5 summers


3. School is quickly coming to an end and you still have yet to find your SO


4. All your friends in 3rd year enjoy reminding you they are coming back next year


5. Trying to attend job fairs but you only have going out clothes and library clothes


6. Where’s my free bus pass going to come from?


7. Just having a chequing account realistically isn’t going to cut it anymore

8. Selling things on Kijiji is no longer a stable income (and neither is promoting for bars)


9. Not wanting to move home but also being too broke to live alone


10.  You have no marketable skills (honestly what even are marketable skills)


11.  Realizing casual drinking can’t turn into binge drinking on a Tuesday night

12.  Showering will have to fit into your daily routine; hats just aren’t acceptable in the business world

13.  The moment of panic and fear when someone asks you what you’re going to do once you graduate

14.  Benefits from your school and parents will no longer cover you


15.  Convincing yourself you should go out every weekend because this is your “last year” then hating yourself because you’re slacking in school and you need to do well for grad school

16.  You have to start paying full price because you can no longer get a SPC card and no longer are eligible for 10% student discounts


17.  Trying to log into Career Cruising in hopes of them telling you what to do with the rest of your life


18.  Seriously debating a 5th year, and probably a 6th


19.  Wait, why did my freshman 15 stay for 4 years?

20.  Realizing your future is literally coming within a few months


21.  Not being able to see your friends every waking hour of the day

Fourth year English student at Western University who's just trying to find her way in this crazy world
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