17 Signs You Need To Officially End Your On - Again, Off - Again Relationship

We all have (or had) that one “relationship” in our lives that we just can’t seem to let go of. In today’s society, we never want to talk about or express our feelings, in fear of being hurt, or being seen as clingy. Now, as a result of that, I find that more and more of my friends (myself included) end up in less than ideal situations, often making excuses for the other person. Ultimately, we end forgiving him and sometimes even blaming ourselves for what he did, contending that we never clarified things so he couldn’t have known not too. I am no expert, but I can tell you that if you are stuck in a relationship that has any of the below characteristics, it is probably not the right one for you.

Here is a list of qualities no relationship should ever have:

1. The majority of the times you hang out are out at the bar or while drunk.

School work is not an excuse to only see each other the nights you want to venture down to Richmond Row. Has no one ever heard of a library study date before?

2. The only real conversations you have are when he has had a drink (or 10).

I’m sorry to break it to you, but these conversations do not count. If you really mean that much to him when he is drunk, he should have the guts to say it sober. News Flash: drunk words are not always sober thoughts.

3. You’ve never officially decided if you are exclusive or not, you just assumed.

He probably assumes the opposite; you need to set this one straight before it goes any further.

4. You are constantly the one to text him first/ and keep up the conversation.

OR in general he is a bad texter and always leaves you hanging for hours. When he does respond, it is conversation ending anyways.

5. He texts you when you’re sleeping, but when you wake up in the morning and answer, he never responds. #modernromance. Chivalry died when texting was invented.

6. He is always backing out of dates.

Here are some of my favourite excuses:

a. “Sorry, my friend just decided to come up for the weekend and I can’t leave him alone”

b. “Sorry, I have too much work to do” *texts you this one hour before you are supposed to meet, AKA after you have showered, shaved, done your hair and makeup, and whatever else you had to do to prepare*

c. “Sorry, something came up. Can we reschedule?

7. He constantly talks about himself.

Does he even know that your sister’s name is Violet? Because he should.

8. You’re endlessly fighting with each other.

You either have an amazing time together or a huge fight. There is no in - between.

9. Snapchat is a main form of communication.

“Wait, did he send that just to me or was that a mass snap?”

10. If you are sleeping together, the only one that really matters is him.

We are not teenagers anymore, he should know that your orgasm matters just as much as his.

11. He is constantly posting pictures/ stories of him with other girls.

“Those are my friends! You have nothing to worry about.” *worries constantly*

12. You are always forgiving him for doing something stupid.

Stop being so nice. He obviously doesn’t deserve it.

13. He hasn’t deleted tinder off of his phone.

I mean, seriously?

14. You’ve never heard him mention his parents.

So they probably have no idea you exist either.

15. You have absolutely no idea why you keep forgiving him/letting him get away with so much sh*t.

Just stop.

16. The song “Style” by Taylor Swift summarizes your relationship.

It’s time to go out of style. Make your new song “Before He Cheats,” by Carrie Underwood, this one is so much better anyways.

17. He tells you how much he cares about you but, constantly does everything referenced above.

Take this as a sign and delete his number girl, you do not need this drama in your life.

18. Bonus: your friends (and/or family) keep telling you to stop seeing him but you let him back in your life again and again.

Go back to the day you first met, and tell the story of your ‘relationship’ (including all the good times and the bad) to yourself. If there are more downs than there are highs, there is a problem. If you are left wondering how the heck you dealt with that for the past however many years/months, it is (repeat after me) BOY BYE.