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15 Times Michael Scott Understood My Finals Struggles

For me, finals season is one of the loneliest times of the year. Everyone is swamped, and no one has the time to be miserable. The person you usually rely on to listen to you vent, and make you feel less alone in your misery is too busy with their own stuff to answer the phone. Luckily for me, diehard The Office fan that I am, Michael Scott is never too busy for me, and thankfully, Michael Scott understands me, and I’m sure he understands your finals struggles too.

So to make you feel less alone this finals season, here are a few times when Michael Scott just got it. 

The First Time: When writing an Essay.


The Second Time: When I’m quoting in my essay.

-Wayne Gretzy

– Michael Scott

                  -Hannah Lee 

The Third Time: When I only wear one pair of pants to write essays because they have absorbed the information I need, and thus provide the continuity in the essay. 


The Fourth Time: When I’ve read the assignment sheet, and not asked questions because I was sure I understood what I was supposed to do and then I actually sit down to write it…


The Fifth Time: When my roommate woke me up, and I almost killed her in kind of a coffee-sleep-walking coma.

                  Sorry Milz, I’ve come to my senses since then and I fully forgive you.


The Sixth Time: When I know that my professor will 100% expect me to explain why I used specific sources, and defend their merit.


The Seventh Time: When I had to stop writing my essay at my desk and write it from my bed where all my blankets are there to…


The Eighth Time: When I read over what I’ve spent all my time writing.

The Ninth Time: When I haven’t put makeup on or left the house in so long, and the whole world literal feels entirely separate from me and I’m so lonely and bored but I have to much to do to stop…


The Tenth Time: When I realize what I’ve written is bad and due in a few hours and I could probably fix it but …

So I take a nap instead.


The Eleventh Time: When I say mean things in a fit of too much caffeine, han-g-r-i-ness and anger…

I’m sorry guys, I really am, thanks for bearing with me.


The Twelveth Time: When slang starts slipping into my academic work, but I hope the prof overlooks it because he knows what I mean…


The Thirteenth Time: When I go out because I’m lonely and tired of being in my room, even if that means I go out for ice cream.

The Fourteenth Time: When finals got be SO isolated.

The Fifteenth Time: When I am so passionately madly writing essays that I get really hot so I open the window and then get really cold.

Okay, so in conclusion, thank you Michael Scott, you have truly been here for me in this time of great need, and I love you and I appreciate you, more than you know.

Michael Scott, world’s best boss AND my current best friend.


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