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10 Things to do While Listening to All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

This week has been crazy for us Swifties, with the long-awaited release of the Red (Taylor’s Version) album. The fan-favourite song, All Too Well, has created many hot topics of discussion. Not only has she re-recorded the original song, but she released the original 10 minute version. This version has gone viral, being ranked #1 globally on the Spotify charts with well over 6 million streams just on the first day it was released! Since this song is longer than the usual four minutes, I created a list of 10 things for you to do while listening to it. 

1) Get Some Snacks… One of my favourite things to do while listening to Taylors Version of All Too Well is to sit down and enjoy popcorn and tea! Also, if you’re in the mood for Starbucks, there’s even a drink to perfectly match your Taylor Swift listening aesthetic. Taylor is actually in partnership with Starbucks promoting her new album Red (Taylor’s Version), so you can order a “Taylor’s Version” or “Taylor Latte” and have a delicious caramel latte while blasting it in the car on the way home!

2) Yoga Stretches… I am sure that, just like me, we were all a little overwhelmed by the agonizing wait for Red (Taylor’s Version). Yoga poses, like some downward dog, warrior pose, and child’s pose, can help us loosen up while we play All Too Well (TV) on repeat. Here’s a link from the New York Times that walks us through some beginner poses.

3) Go for a Walk… Going for a walk can help clear the mind and get the body moving! Although the weather is getting colder, and we’re settling into more of a Folklore vibe, just a simple 10 minute walk can help you feel more energized. Make sure to bundle up with your favourite scarf (but don’t leave it at your boyfriend’s sister’s house) and maybe you will see some autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place! 

4) Scream It From the Top of Your Lungs… One thing about All Too Well (TV) is that it makes you feel like you’re remembering your break up all too well, even if you can’t relate! It captures the heartache most of us have experienced with our boyfriends, girlfriends, and lovers, or even that one television show character who betrayed us (we’re looking at you Mysterio)! Either way, it’s an amazing song that makes us want to scream it loud for all to hear.

5) Make a TikTok…  Singing-in-the-shower Tik Toks have been trending using Taylor’s song that really emphasizes the emotions we all feel while listening. Next time you decide to shower, put on a dramatic show, join the amazing Swiftie community in celebrating the album, and let out your inner Swift! Here is an example of the trend

6) Write, Write, Write!… All Too Well gives you 10 whole minutes to sit, be inspired, and write down your thoughts. Whether this be a reflection on your day, or your thoughts on the song, journaling can be relaxing and help manage anxiety

7) Dance it Out… In typical Meredith Grey and Christina Yang style, take this time to dance it out. Life can be stressful, so take some time for yourself to just have fun, loosen up, and Shake it Off!

8) Hunt for Taylors Easter Eggs… If you’re a dedicated Swiftie, you already know the Wonderland-sized rabbit hole that is Taylor Swift Easter Egg theories. You can over-analyze every single word she says and almost each frame of every music video she’s made. She is notorious for intentionally leaving clues for fans, like unlocking the vault of songs before the release, and making us ponder. While listening to All Too Well (TV), you can make connections to some of her other songs, videos, or interviews and see what you come up with!  

9) Dismantle the Patriarchy… In All Too Well (10 min. version) (TV), Taylor has created some tsunami-sized waves with her new lyrics, specifically the line “And you were tossing me the car keys, ‘f*** the patriarchy’ keychain on the ground.” This line has spurred a debate online about whether there is a deeper meaning to these lyrics. Taylor has since released a keychain with these lyrics in-scripted on it as merchandise. We can use the virality of the album’s release to advocate for women’s rights and safety, just as Taylor has done in the past, like during her famous $1 sexual assault case win, and continues to do through donating to organizations that help sexual assault victims. 

10)  Watch the All Too Well (Taylors Version) Short Film… This film features Sadie Sinks and Dylan O’Brien playing the characters “Her” and “Him,” or Brandon, as named by Dylan in a recent interview. The story goes through the ups and downs of their relationship as told by, what is assumed, the perspective of “Her”. We also get to see Taylor herself who plays the role of “Her, later on” who released a book in the video under the same title. This film really puts us in our feelings, while also stirring up some jealousy of Sadie getting to play Dylan’s love interest!


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Olivia is a 4th year student at the University of Western Ontario and is studying psychology and sociology!