10 Things Anyone Who Loves To Online Shop Knows To Be True

Online shopping is probably my favorite thing ever. You can wear your pajamas, watch a movie, and snuggle with your dog, all while scoring a fab pair of shoes and a cute dress. While online shopping is definitely my favorite hobby, there are definitely some things that make me reconsider my love for shopping from bed. If you love to online shop, you’ll recognize these things!

1. It’s way too easy

Just a few clicks and I’m out $300. There’s no wandering around a store aimlessly until you decide you don’t need anything.


2. You can’t try stuff on

While it’s awesome that the 5’10, 110 lb model in the photo is wearing an XS, this 5’4 150lb couch potato has no clue what size she’ll be.


3. Returns are a nightmare

You can only return this package to the store if it’s a Tuesday and it’s raining, but we don’t take online returns unless you can juggle knives… that are on fire. Thanks for your business!


4. You have an entire email inbox just for your sale emails

Some call it “junk mail,” we call it “how we’re spending our Sunday.”


5. Getting packages is like sending yourself a surprise present

Cause you obviously forgot that you ordered any of this stuff.


6. You just don’t check your bank account anymore

It’s too scary, and you’re not sure how any of this happened… you think to yourself as you lay in a couch covered in packing peanuts.


7. Waiting for things to get delivered is physically painful

If it was shipped yesterday from China, it should be on my porch today, right? Should I call them? How does the postal system work?


8. The reviews can make or break a product

Nothing to turn you off a product like reading that it “made my feet bleed” or “it peeled the top layer of skin off my face.” Nothing to make you click “add to cart” faster than reading that it’s a “miracle, holy grail product” or that it “got you 50 compliments in one night.”


9. When you click on an item and then the full description says “sold out”



10. When you realize you can double up the coupon codes

@Victoria’s Secret. Bless you, bless my free shipping, my free tote, and my 7 for $27.50 panties—all in one order. Yas queen!