10 Things All Bunny Owners Know To Be True

Everyone can relate to cats and dogs in some way, because they are pretty standard pets. Most vets exclusively cater to these two pets, and are not trained to take care of the rest. But, in my opinion, bunnies are totally underrated. Not only are the floppy and hoppy, but they’re sassy and sweet.

It’s hard to understand rabbits unless you’ve spent time with them; most people think you put them in a tiny cage and just leave them there, but that is far from true—actually, it’s extremely cruel. With enough space and love, bunnies blossom into these sweet, loving, and totally destructive animals who will make even the worst days a million times better. So, here are ten things that all bunny owners know to be true:


1. A lot of poop can come out of a tiny bun

Everything you have ever loved has now been pooped on.


2. Nothing is cuter than a bunny mouth/tongue

When they eat, when they yawn, when they’re just sitting there… you can find me on the floor saying “you have the cutest lil mouf.”


3. They LOVE to cuddle

They may not like being picked up, but they have no problem sneaking onto your lap and licking you for 20 minutes.


4. If you’ve got the pellets, you’ve got a happy, squeaky bunny running circles around you

Bunny dreams must be full of pellet seas and banana mountains…


5. When there is nothing for your bunny to destroy, they will destroy everything in their path

Why isn’t my phone charger working? How did these holes get in my blankets?


6. Binkies make you want to jump for joy, too

Happy squealing will follow every single binkie.


7. You buy more veggies for your bunny than you buy for yourself…

They just want to eat everything!


8. They are happier in pairs

You might not have an S.O., but your bunny does!


9. They can go to sleep faster than you thought possible

Aaaaand I’m going to sleep NOW!


10. Their quiet love speaks volumes

They don’t have to be loud to show you how much you mean to them.