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Thrifting has endless possibilities. All over social media, you see thrift hauls, thrift flips, style bundles…the list goes on. Everyone thrifts for different reasons. I thrift because I love the unpredictable luck and anticipation it fills me with. I think a big reason people overlook the potential in thrift stores is because they’re too close-minded. You have to be accepting, patient, and dedicated to make the most of a thrifting experience. It isn’t as simple as window shopping on a website. It involves more of an effort to search for that quality piece of clothing amongst all the others. It can be tedious but it is so fulfilling to fall upon a piece of clothing that has value to you. But there still remain those who judge the idea and don’t look past it. Overall, there are many different views on thrifting. 

Opinions on thrifting vary between it being considered gross, fun, boring, thrilling, embarrassing, etc. However, in my opinion, it surpasses all these single word categorizations. Some say it is gross and embarrassing and that usually tends to be because everything is second-hand. A lot of people are disturbed by the thought of wearing someone else’s ‘thrown away clothing’. The prices are also decently low so it is a good outlet for people with a lower income; but this creates that bias about it being embarrassing to show yourself there. But then there’s the opposing opinion which considers thrifting fun and thrilling. Many people can find joy in the tediousness of searching amongst all the aisles in a thrift store. And that is because finding an item that speaks to you is so rewarding. Basically, the opinions on thrifting are endless.  

My thrifting journey, that began back in 2020, exposed me to the coolest vintage clothing that made me into the thrifting advocate I am today. Rather than repurchasing some reinvented fashion trends, you can find the authentic and originals in a thrift store. After all, a large portion of our current fashion trends are from past decades. My love grew for all of the unique choices of clothing. The uncertainty of what you may come across just increases the motivation to keep searching. Some trips may be luckier than others, but any amount of success still is rewarding. I have developed a big passion for thrifting, as it is now one of my favorite things to do.

Despite thrifting being well known for its older-style clothing, oftentimes you can find current clothing trends there as well. Thrifting tends to be associated with just outdated and older styles. However, I have found popular brands while thrifting such as Aerie, Lululemon, and Zara. A lot of people tend to overlook the possibility of finding good quality items in a thrift store. Everything being second-hand creates a negative bias towards the clothes. Yet sometimes the original clothing tag is even still attached. Then regardless of it being brand new, it is sold at a fraction of the original cost. Additionally it is also often assumed that the clothing will only ever look old or worn out. Whereas, in my experience I have found many great quality, almost brand-new looking, pieces of clothing. Many opportunities like these are missed by the people who misjudge the potential of thrifting. 

Many people also use thrift stores to further express their individual creativity. Specifically, thrift flips are where the original article of clothing gets transformed into a new and reinvented piece. Some people naturally have an instinct to seek out the potential in a certain pattern or fabric material. And then they can make it something of their own. It genuinely has amazed me how creative these products turn out to be. It truly is such an impressive hobby for those intuitive people to put their artistic minds to use for. 

In the grand scheme of things, people will remain having a bias towards thrifting, but the ones who give it a chance may be very surprised. I’m one of those people who pushed myself to try it years ago and now find myself absolutely loving it. The excitement of falling upon a piece of clothing with potential is so fulfilling, and the journey is what makes it entertaining. You never know what you will come out with, but that uncertainty is the drive to keep my search going. All the time that goes by while I’m in thrift stores is uncharted for; it’s just me and the endless racks of clothing that hold so many hidden opportunities. It truly is such a thrill that I hope will continue to be acknowledged over time.

Sarakate Levanti

West Chester '23

Sarakate is a Sophomore Psychology Major at West Chester University. This is her first semester on the writing team for Her Campus. She has a passion for writing about lifestyle content, her opinions, or current trends :)