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euphoria pretty little liars original sin hairstyles
euphoria pretty little liars original sin hairstyles
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The Top 10 Brunette Halloween Costumes 

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at West Chester chapter.

We are now two weeks out from Halloween night, and only another week before most of us get into costume. If you’re still considering a first, second, or even third costume, literally don’t worry! I’ve compiled a list of 10 costumes tailored for the brunettes this year, but for more ideas from me to you, check out my first ever article from last October at the link below – tailored to any hair color!

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Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf – Schoolgirl

I absolutely could not start this listicle off better than by paying homage to Queen B. Like myself and many others, you’re probably imagining her Constance Billard schoolgirl look, but Blair’s show-stopping regalia did not end there. One of my all-time favorites was her Hamptons White Party look. That Marc Jacobs dress was my everything in seventh grade and remains so my sophomore year of college!

To recreate an iconic Blair look a little more affordable to the college-student budget, you can also check out this cross body mini dress and matching white pumps.

Dorothy Gale

Though I dressed as Dorothy many Halloweens ago, my best friend kindly pointed out to me just now that Dorothy does not have the brunette hair that I recalled. After some back and forth googling we decided her hair is a sort of auburn shade – anyway…

As I pondered brunette Halloween looks, the endearing and hearty character of Dorothy Gale was of the first that came to mind. Literally a Hollywood icon – even expanding beyond the golden age! 

Simply pair your blue-checkered dress with two red-bowed pigtails, and of course some ruby red slip ons. I would say the white thigh-high satin socks with bow accents is extra complimentary, but not necessary. To be even more extra though, find a prop basket to hold as a Dorothy accessory! It could even serve as a makeshift handbag for the night should you have any costume emergencies and need safety pins, or if you want to store any cosmetics or keys.

Priscilla Presley

What better year to bust out your bell bottoms, knee-high boots, and heaviest of eyeliners and lashes (in the best way possible, of course) than this October! I can’t wait to see how Sofia Coppola pays homage to Priscilla Presley’s many looks over the decades in the film “Priscilla” set for release on November 3.  

Dressing as Priscilla is perfect for the vintage girls out there, yet her style remains timeless. Simple idea: try a white tassel top and plain white mini skirt. I’d also recommend taking inspiration from Kaia Gerber’s 2020 Priscilla look

Maddy Perez

I feel as though TV-character costumes are of the simpler pieces to throw together for Halloween. Of course, the first Maddy Perez look that comes to mind is her Season 2 black bodycon cut-out dress. If you’re last-minute costume contemplating or maybe second-guessing, check out this “Euphoria”/Maddy-inspired dress at this link!


So sweet, so simple! I remember my freshman year of college it seemed like the internet brought everyone back in time to playing Disney princess dress up! Surprisingly, I saw no Belles, and she’s my absolute favorite.

 If you’re aiming for a cute yet elegant look this Halloween, I say a Disney princess like Belle is so, so perfect! Pair your yellow dress and/or corset and skirt with some white or yellow elbow-length gloves, and be sure to add a touch of red either to your hair or your look overall! I would definitely suggest a red bow or rose clip. 

Olivia Rodrigo 

I personally have yet to see any Olivias in costume except for online, but know the options are there! Some may picture her blue and white “Good 4 U” cheerleader look, or perhaps this year a “Vampire” themed white gown will be popular.

Full disclosure, I’ve only recently found myself to be a fan of any of Rodrigo’s discography. Namely, her sophomore studio album “Guts”. I can totally agree it’s worth the positive reception – but two and a half years later I still am not a “Sour” fan. Musical preferences aside, a fan or not a fan, it should be acknowledged that Olivia has put out some fabulous streetwear ensembles. So if you’re not a fan of her pop-punk ambiance but possess an eye for fashion, you can agree that some looks she’s donned are pretty costume-worthy!

Holly Golightly 

The beloved Holly Golightly of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961) is one of my top choices on my personal Halloween costume bucket list. Played by Golden Age star Audrey Hepburn, I have adored Holly’s witful grace on screen both for her Edith Head-designed wardrobe as much as her on-screen charm and elegance. 

This is one of my favorite movies of all time, so I just had to include it! 

Not only that, but I believe we can all safely say we have seen that black, mock-Valentino style dress on Halloween that Holly dons in the film’s opening scene, decked out in flashy diamonds and pearls. I equally adore her early morning look:  an oversized white blouse and Tiffany blue eye mask. I assure you now, you will not go wrong in either costume.


Who else had the guilty pleasure of binge-watching “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse” for too many years? If you say no, I say you’re lying; It was so addicting, and the best part? Raquelle! She definitely added her own level of charm to the short series, with her fiery demeanor and witty little one-liners. Never mind her personality, I think she was one of the best-dressed characters. Recreate one of Raquelle’s simplistic, yet fabulously 2010s looks by checking out this pin

Jennifer check

Pair stylish with scary, and Jennifer Check – titular character in “Jennifer’s Body” (2009) – is your costume. 

If you’re aiming for a more comfortable look while staying recognizable, pair her iconic zip up with a pair of dark-wash low rise jeans. To go the extra mile, you can tie some pink ribbon around your shoes to imitate her heels. 

Or, you could DIY the purple and gold cheerleader costume representing Devil’s Kettle High School.  Air forces or any other white sneaker would work perfectly for your D&K cheerleader look!

(Pro-tip: the blood around the mouth is optional of course, but if you really want to sell this costume I suggest you try it!) 

I still need that velour heart-patterned zip up, btw. 

Dionne Davenport

This time a year ago, I recommended you Dionne’s iconic counterpart – Cher Horowitz – and her yellow plaid suit, but now it’s time to include her partner-in-crime in this lineup tailored for brunettes! Cher stands alone as recognizable at a distance’s glance, so we can’t make the mistake of leaving Dionne behind :). 

Di’s preppy, coordinated plaid set is her most well-known “Clueless” look. That rose hat deserves its own proper recognition, too! Looking back on it, all of Dionne’s outfits were to die for throughout the film. The “Clueless” costume designer truly did not miss one beat in the beloved 1995 rom-com. 

Whether searching for costume inspiration or reading out of curiosity for another year, I hope to have provided some fun, trendy ideas into your mix of costume recommendations! 

Happy Halloween from Her Campus at West Chester! 

Angelina Stambouli

West Chester '26

Angelina is a sophomore Communications Major and Journalism Minor. Previously, she was a writer, associate editor, and Pinterest Director for Her Campus at Gettysburg. Outside of Her Campus, she serves as Vice President of College Democrats, a Copy Editor for The Quad, and volunteers with Hands Helping Paws!