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The Top 10 Solo Halloween Costumes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gettysburg chapter.

The first two weeks of October are already past us and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t exactly bought your Halloween costume yet. So now that I’ve been checking and crossing ideas off of my list, I’ve compiled a short and sweet list of 10 solo costumes to consider!

Velma or Daphne

I was never huge on the Scooby-Doo show, books, or movies; but I feel like everyone knows the characters. Whether you’ve always resonated with Daphne’s pink and lavender fashion sense, or prefer Velma’s more relaxed orange-themed getup, either of the beloved characters make a cute costume in their own right.

Britney Spears (“Oops!…I Did It Again” or “…Baby One More Time”)

Arguably Britney’s most iconic era of her twenty-five year and counting career, the late ‘90s and early 2000s saw pop culture’s most renowned fashion to date. Whether it be an “Oops!…I Did It Again” inspired red latex bodysuit with bulky black boots, or the “…Baby One More Time” schoolgirl look with a pair of pink marabou scrunchies, everyone’s sure to understand the reference and you’d look fabulous paying homage to the queen of pop. 


I’ve personally never been someone into superheroes, but a female superhero theme can be so effortlessly self-empowering! I’ve been Supergirl and Wonder Woman in years past, and they truly took a week at most to piece together. Catwoman is typically one solid costume, so if you’d prefer a little black dress with a half-face mask and perhaps matching black gloves, or you’d rather channel the original superhero in her latex black catsuit; either/or embody the ideal femme fatale Catwoman look.

Betty Boop

This little cartoony girl is timelessly underrated! I feel like most people know who she is from an older relative, so seeing her brought back in 2022 as a DIY costume would simply be adorable. A red mini dress paired with little gold hoops and bracelets would be all you’d need to complete her look. Personally, I remember as a toddler my great aunt had various Betty Boop dolls and collectables decorating a living room display case. I always admired it, even as a four-year old.

The Great Gatsby 

Whether you adore the 1920s flapper hair accessories and flashy jewelry, or simply enjoy the literary classic characters Jay and Daisy, you can never go wrong traveling back in time! For the most part, a ‘20s Gatsby or flapper-style costume is a lot of piecing together tiny articles. Between boas, stockings, gloves, or feathery headbands, Spirit Halloween, Party City, and Amazon are perfect shopping trip contenders.

Powerpuff Girl

You could decide which Powerpuff girl to go as based on a few factors! Between your hair color, favorite color, or even just the character you resonate most with, you can literally never go wrong with these superpowered sisters and their signature red, blue, and green outfits. I rarely see these cutesy superheroes as costumes, but I know going forward that Buttercup is definitely on my Halloween costume bucket-list.

Cher Horowitz (‘Clueless’)

An icon of the ‘90s cinematic universe, Cher Horowitz’s chique, plaid yellow look is a costume anyone could recognize from a mile away. It’s such a classic, that there is more than one route to take with this costume. You can piece each article of Cher’s iconic look together to channel your inner valley girl as best as possible, or you can even purchase the ‘Clueless’ costume set in its own package at an aforementioned Halloween store. 


Sure you could be any type of fairy or angel and pull it off amazingly, but the appreciation for Cupid should expand this Halloween! I’ve only seen this costume done a few times, and it’s so underrated. A solid white or red top, a boa, a fringe-sequin skirt, and white knee-high boots make a basic starter kit for your ideal Cupid look. And if you want to go all out, complete your Cupid with a prop bow and arrow!


Of this list, the butterfly costume would have to be the craftiest. It could go a million different ways based on your personal style and interpretations, but I recently saw one of the most trendy butterfly costumes on Pinterest. Really all you might need are one of those butterfly sequined tops (new current obsession), a skirt of any color or material, and a pair of matching knee-high boots and stringed wings to complete a fabulous butterfly!

Boo (‘Monsters Inc.’)

Last but far from ever being least, a childhood Disney classic that’s easy to DIY at the last minute! Boo might be the most minimal option on this list: do your hair up into pigtails, find an oversize pink tee and violet-colored leggings, and pair your ultimate Boo look altogether with some bunchy white socks and either converse or air force ones.

Whether it be for Halloween itself or a costume party anytime this month, I truly hope this list helps inspire you!

Angelina Stambouli

Gettysburg '26

Angelina is a first-year at Gettysburg College. Outside of Her Campus, she is also a staff writer for the Gettysburgian Newspaper and serves as Diversity & Inclusion Liaison for College Dems. In her free time, she enjoys retail therapy and petting anyone's and everyone's dog (or cat).