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Picture this: You’re strolling through your favorite clothing store when a perfect pair of shoes catches your eye. Not only are the sneakers your favorite color, but they’re also your exact size. You begin to picture all the cute outfits you can pair with these shoes. Your heart beats with excitement, but as you check the price tag, the guilt comes flooding in. They are a little more than you are willing to spend, and you begin thinking, ‘Should I spend money on this?’ or ‘Is it really worth it’? I am sure this is a dilemma many of us regularly face. Regardless of what I spend money on, whether it’s food or clothing, I feel regret and shame afterward. I have been trying to overcome this guilt for many years, and I want to share why it is okay to splurge on items every once in a while. 

I want to preface by emphasizing that saving money is very important. We must consider expenses in life, such as textbooks for school, groceries, and rent. However, we must reframe how we see splurging. Think about splurging as an investment in joy or satisfaction. For example, I view spending money on something as a way to treat myself after a stressful week of assignments and tests. Splurging money on items is also a great way to create memories. For example, one of my best college memories is shopping at the King of Prussia mall with friends and buying jewelry from Kendra Scott. A simple necklace is tied to many special memories and happiness every time I wear it. 

Splurging is not only about obtaining something physical, it also benefits our mental well-being. Retail therapy is a real concept, and according to CBS News, splurging can act as a recharge to the brain and relieve stress. Whether it’s a trip to the nail salon, purchasing makeup, or a small vacation, these treats will inspire you to continue working hard. Specifically, my motivation to go to class skyrockets if I am sporting a new pair of jeans or a piece of jewelry. 

Getting rid of guilt after splurging is not an easy task to do. Life is about finding a balance between responsibility and enjoyment. Life is also very unpredictable, and you never know what the future holds, so why not enjoy the present moment? So next time you’re at the mall and spot an item you love, do not be afraid to head to the checkout line. After all, remember you are not only investing in your happiness but also creating good memories that will spark your motivation to climb to even greater heights.

Jillian Padykula

West Chester '26

Jillian is a sophomore public health major at West Chester University. She is a huge dog lover and enjoys gossiping about celebrity drama and fashion.