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Sencha Tea: A Great Option to Drink During Finals Week

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Drinking a caffeinated drink filled with antioxidants to help you concentrate, stay calm and think clearly are essential will help you to ace your finals, so you can end the semester being proud of all your hard work throughout the semester, coming to fruition! 

Sencha tea has numerous health benefits. It originated in Japan, created by Nagatani Seon who was a tea farmer, in Uju Kyoto, in 1738. 

Sencha tea has antioxidants flowing through it. These antioxidants provide your body with many benefits. In detail, the antioxidants help to combat and prevent diseases from plaguing your body. Protecting your body from foreign entities is a powerful form of self-love by building yourself up.

Sencha tea is packed with caffeine. Caffeine makes it easier for people to focus on tasks and be more alert. It is also loaded with an amino acid which is named L-theanine which helps people to feel calm and think clearer. Drinking this tea during finals to remain alert and calm, and think clearly.

Sencha tea’s catechins, which are antioxidants, are very beneficial for oral health because it prevents bacteria from making a home in the mouth. A couple benefits of good oral health include being less likely to get cavities, sensitive teeth, and lowers chances for needing root canals or oral surgery. 

Sencha tea contains vitamins C and E. These vitamins play a major role in keeping the immune system functioning well, so being in this tea greatly enhances the immune system. For instance, it helps to lower the likelihood of infections from developing. 

Sencha tea’s antioxidants ensure the skin is not negatively impacted by too much oxidation, such as UV radiation and pollution. It also keeps the skin looking young and healthy. 

The health benefits of Sencha tea make it worthwhile investing your money into buying it and taking the time to drink it, worthwhile. Sencha tea is the perfect drink for exhausted college students who wish to drink a substitute to energy drinks or coffee because of its high concentration of caffeine. I hope that if you consider drinking Sencha tea, you enjoy its herbal and grassy flavor, which has bitter and sweet undertones. 

Rachael Weiser

West Chester '26

I am an English major and earning my Global Awareness Pathway Certificate at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I am an observant, creative, intuitive, open-minded, and compassionate person. I have a passion for all types writing. In 2021, I won the Excellence in Creative Writing Award. In 2020, I won first place for the Mahatma Gandhi Essay Writing Award (Association of Indians South Jersey Chapter. In 2017, I won first place for The Siegelbaum Literary and Visual Arts Competition. I have also had several writing internships.