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Not Running, But SPRINTING To That Finish Line: My Hurdles, Before Wrapping Up My Sophomore Year

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at West Chester chapter.

During my senior year of high school, I had this teacher who would say “Let’s cross that finish line” to all her senior students. For the longest time, I never paid any thought to the line, until recently. Here’s my take on what she was getting at:

Life’s a bit of a race. Right, you have your adversities, as the hurdles, the timer, as deadlines, and finally that finish line. The finish line to me is like the end of a chapter, an era, the closing of a significant part of your life. Throughout the duration of the semester, this “race” is usually slow and steady like the 5,000m, whereas in the final weeks, everything seems to fly by. Suddenly the consistent pace is cramming for finals, writing paper after paper, and everything in between.

My sophomore year has been nothing short of hurdles, and constant timers-ticking but at the end of it all is completing my sophomore year. Of course, before I can cross the finish line, I must get through those hurdles. So, aside from my academics, here are some of the personal hurdles I need to overcome before I can finish this race.

Goodwill, I’d Like To Make A Donation!

Yeah, this is pretty much at the top of my to-do list. Out with the old, in with the new.

I can’t be the only one who bought a ton of stuff freshman year, swore I needed it, just to end up barely touching the items. Now as a sophomore, these items are still shoved under my bed collecting dust. I desperately need to find the time to go around my room collecting all the stuff that is really just junk. Doing this is also a win-win. I have a cleaner, more organized space, and someone may find value in my donation!  

As I like to think…“One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure”.

Playing Catch Up

So this can be in regards to academics or my social life. As I get older, the more I realize how hard it is to balance schoolwork, extracurriculars, and a social life. It’s nearly impossible. However, these last few weeks are the most important to prioritize staying on top. For me, I know I neglected some of my friendships simply because I have been so busy. Although I know where my intentions are, I still find it essential to make time for others before the year wraps up.

So if this is you too, make time to visit that friend you miss dearly or start to grind out that schoolwork for the online class that seemed more of an afterthought…

Take a Breather (you definitely need it)

Not to be counterintuitive here, but despite talking about things I need to accomplish before I wrap up my sophomore year, let’s talk about something I need to STOP doing. This would include stressing myself out. During this time of year, I tend to neglect my well-being. My (sometimes toxic) logic believes that because my workload is at an all-time high I am not allowed to give myself a break, basically breaks = failure.

Um no, we are not doing that this semester. Instead, I am going to take a break when I am stressing myself out. Remember, brain break = clean slate!!

Life moves fast, college moves fast. Although this time of year can be stress-inducing for all of us, looking at college like a race has helped put things into perspective for me. The more challenges I complete, the closer I am to finishing the school year. So if you are struggling with your own hurdles, remember you are only inching closer to that finish line. 

You got this, I got this, WE got this!

Lena Zadroga

West Chester '26

Hey, my name is Lena Zadroga. I'm a sophomore at West Chester, and currently studying English, with a minor with professional and technical writing. I've always had a love for reading and writing, which is why I wanted to join the incredible HER campus writing team. Little fun fact about me is that I have an complete obsession with sharks!