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How To Push Through The Rest of The Semester

With the temperature rising and the days getting longer, it is hard not to feel like summer is upon us already and it’s time for relaxation. Unfortunately, there are still several weeks left in the semester and it’s more important now than ever to keep your grades up before finals hit. The end of the semester can feel like the roughest few weeks because you’re drained from months of hard work prior and the weather is finally picking up. Especially with online classes, I feel so tempted to lay outside in the sun instead of typing away at assignments in my room. So nevertheless, here’s a few tips you might need to help you push through these last few weeks:

Wake Up Early

Nothing makes me feel lazier than when I hit the snooze button three times and I find myself getting out of bed an hour later than I had planned. It can be seriously unmotivating to find yourself halfway through the day and you haven’t accomplished much yet. By waking up an hour or two earlier than you normally do and accomplishing a few tasks first thing in the morning, you will feel yourself feeling productive and motivated to keep checking your “to do’s” off the list. Once I started creating a morning routine, I was able to accomplish several things before lunch which reduced my stress throughout the day significantly.  Earlier mornings can also help you to create windows in your schedule for small breaks which are necessary for your overall health as well as work performance.

Use Your Sundays Wisely

The Sunday scaries can creep up on you like seasonal allergies and are a very unnerving introduction into a busy week. By organizing your Sundays into relaxation in the morning and preparation for the upcoming week in the evening, this habit can directly help you stay more focused Monday to Friday. On Sunday evenings I began meal prepping which helped me save so much time in my busy schedule during the week. I’d also recommend using some free time on Sundays to look ahead at what upcoming work you have, even if it hasn’t been assigned yet. I began doing this for my Spanish class and by giving more energy into looking at the material ahead of time, it has taken me less time during the week to complete any homework for the class. As the chaos of the end of the semester approaches, utilizing your Sundays wisely can help reduce not only stress but wasted time you could be using to complete more important deadlines.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s so easy to want to lock yourself in the library or your room for hours in order to get all of your work done. It’s important to remember that it’s just as necessary to take care of yourself and your human needs. Socializing or talking to friends and loved ones can provide a great stress relief when you need it most. Yes, it is your job as a student to do well in your classes, but it is also your job as a human to find ways to wind down. Life is all about finding that balance in which you can work but also find peace. Setting aside time to exercise, play video games, or another leisure activity will help make the heavy work load be much more bearable.

This school year has been hard for everyone. Finding the mental capacity to work, do well in school, maintain a social life, and take care of yourself all in the midst of a pandemic has been an unimaginable feat. Remember to look back at all you have accomplished this year and feel proud of all the good you have done instead of discrediting yourself for the things you haven’t .

Dana Veliky

West Chester '22

Dana is a current junior at West Chester University. She is working towards earning her bachelor’s degree in media and culture with a concentration in strategic communication. To pair up with her studies in culture, she is pursuing a minor in Spanish as well. Dana is also a member of national honor fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, at West Chester. In her free time she enjoys spending time outside, working out, and finding a new documentary watch.
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